Camp Over! Where is my Money!?

BARBADOS ( Naked Departure) — Naked, I am so sick of the government and them pissy rsl lies!!  Camp finished since the 12 of August and I haven’t received any cheque as yet.  I have things to do tho!  This is bare mudda c—!  But when it’s time for them to get pay them does get wanna money.

Give the people them rsl money!  And them so stink them supposed to give you $690.00 but waan give you a first two cheque!?  Wdf is this tho!?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Camp Over! Where is my Money!?”

  1. As Cynthia Forde said back in the day people use to volunteer to be camp counselors. Now the DLP decide to pay. When the BLP get back in, this paying thing for camp gine stop.


  2. Got to agree with Real Talk. Should be thankful for the 690 and the chance to make a difference. Goverment of Barbados has a long history of not paying quickly which needs to be addressed but that’s no reason to behave like that.


  3. Government gotta be real pissy for true when they can employ someone like you to work at a summer camp with young impressionable children. Cant form a sentence without using an expletive. Then we wonder how the youth get so… Smh


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