Chin-Meridian Sporting Phil Simmons Sacked

CARIBBEAN/CARICOM (Naked Departure) — PHIL SIMMONS — The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Tuesday said it will make a “statement very shortly” amid growing speculation that the head coach (who sports a huge Chin Meridian) Phil Simmons has been sacked.

Will anyone associated with Simmons update Naked Departure as to his alleged fraternization with players?  After all, the sport of cricket and cricketers are well-known to be populated with closeted gays.  Pointing out that you were once ‘involved’ with Simmons is not enough.

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Chin-Meridian Sporting Phil Simmons Sacked”

  1. That’s not even worth commenting on West Indies cricket is no longer relevant could sack the whole team and wouldn’t make much difference to many people not everyone of course cause we’re still hoping for a miracle that one day we’ll wake up and this group of amateurs will start beating everyone and the glory days will be back. ..keep dreaming doesn’t matter who is sacked and who gets what pick the results will be the same until they realize they’re a bunch of amateurs trying to play against professionals nothing will change….If they want real change start at the top get rid of the board and start your purge all the way down it would take between 5 -7 years to start being competitive not winning but at least you would see some sort of progress it’s all about the politics and it’s rotten to the core so firing one jackass and replacing him with another is just 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the next


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