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Elder abuse in Seclusion Gardens, Black Rock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ELDER ABUSE — Dear Naked, I live in Seclusion Gardens, Black Rock.  A couple of weeks ago the police visited a home where two old ladies were left alone in a locked house and a locked gate.

Now one of the old ladies got out and was screaming for help and no one stopped but a young fella in yellow and he called the police.  But Naked, these old women don’t live alone, they are being looked after by three young ladies and one lives there but they leave them alone everyday and come home late hours in the night and leave early and you can hear them quarreling with the old woman who has dementia.

The police haven’t done anything or came back.  Suppose something happens to those old ladies and no one can reach them in the house?  Trouble don’t set up like rain.  The old woman name Carmen Best.

Please publish this so can stop.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Elder abuse in Seclusion Gardens, Black Rock”

  1. It wasn’t indicated if the people there are relatives, friends or sent there bu the NAB. In any case, mistreatment of the elderly is the norm and the present administration cares not. After this exposure, let’s hope the relatives make a visit to the home and take the necessary action.


  2. THE Elderly built this Country from the Foundation ! this is the way the Government and It’s People repays them ! With Neglect and Suffrage ! What a Rotten way to treat the Pillar’s of a Country .


    1. If one of the persons have dementia, I hope something is done before there is a fire and the women are trapped in there.


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