Get Salt off the Airwaves!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PATRICK BELLAMY aka ‘Salt’ — Naked, I am sick and fed up of hearing Patrick Bellamy on the airwaves every morning on SLAM FM.

Naked this man feels he knows everything and don’t know s**t.  When you call in on the program he tries to be condescending, sarcastic and  talking over people  before he let people air their views.  A  30-minute  show  Naked and he got to talk for 25 minutes and  that time the man talking and nothing don’t make sense at all.  Just rambling, rambling.

Honestly, I think he should be off the airwaves because he’s not professional neither does he know how to relate to people who have serious grievances.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Get Salt off the Airwaves!!”

  1. I made several attempts to call in and tell him about his rude disrespectful behavior towards the callers, I think slam really need to do something with him, as the person said since Alex left slam that radio show went to the dogs it has no kind of substance


  2. From the time that girl he use to co-host with left, mornings on Slam gone to the dogs. That’s why there is so much dead air on the call-in shows. Nobody dont really call nah mo. Always interrupting and dont give no-one a chance to speak.


  3. I will be nice to you this time there’s a little word that earthlings use called Tuning it has to do with numbers on your radio so just Tune in to another station and wadaa problem solved try it and let me know. .thanking you in advance .Adrian


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