Delores, Naked Departure IMPOSTER

Who is Delores

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DELORES — Who is she and why is she so bold as to steal the Naked Departure name brand?  Why is she stealing my experience and using it as hers?  Does she not have her own experiences?  Does she not know any other combination of words?  Are all Barbadians bold thieves like this?  Like another blogger said, the cloak of ‘shame’ is gone, gone, gone from Bajans!

Open your eyes Delores and tell us why you stole a brand known as Naked Departure.  Do you plan to steal my books also?  Change your name…possibly, to Sheri Veronica?

Delores, Naked Departure IMPOSTER
Delores, Naked Departure IMPOSTER

Naked Departure

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  1. Wtf are you serious? ?? Man no man no one can be that bold are they only two words left in the English vocabulary? Anyone have any files on this boldface imposter foward it to the Ceo cause clearly this is a joke to her this one Delores


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