Chris Sinckler

Chris Sinckler Using Willie Lynch’s Playbook

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) CHRIS SINCKLER — When you see a black man utilizing the same playbook of the white man, you wonder what hope there is for children and black societies.

The best time to catch them is when they’re young, and if they can remember Sinckler handing them school books (and they will), Sinckler has done a good job.   It’s the same type of enslavement done centuries ago, only now it’s being done by the ‘new’ white man.  No one seeing the video, posted below, will miss the fake smile and the grandstanding for the camera.  Willie Lynch’s approach to the tee!

So, when is giving not a bad thing that’s intended to enslave the mind?  When giving is not a political marker; when giving is of the heart; and when giving is for the advancement of your people and the good of your country.   Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Chris Sinckler Using Willie Lynch’s Playbook”

  1. Dont let these crooks fool you again right before elections, Spending you tax money only for their own gain, This is nothing more than early vote buying,Dont be a sucker again remove his ass,


    1. How does he get tax payers money to do this? To the best of my knowledge ministers can’t just write cheques for personal stuff.


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