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Lost Youths in St. Lucy

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ST. LUCY YOUTHS — Naked, I am speaking on behalf of the youths in St Lucy.  People wonder why the youths in St Lucy are becoming so caught up in crime but it has to do with many factors, like for instance: no sporting facilities and no jobs available for school leavers.

All the focus is on central and southern areas plus the only area that gets attention to from government is Checker Hall.  Even the people who have constantly put in MP Denis Kellman, nothing is ever done for them and right now people have had enough.  The youths are frustrated.  We have no outlet or guidance.  One community center in Rockfield which stands idle and unlit hard court no place or recreation facilities unless you travel from Hope Road or Pie Corner or Josey Hill and venture to Checker Hall.

When we ask the MP for assistance, we get a blind eye.  The guys in Pie Corner and Josey Hill have been asking for football goal bars for years, even a lighted pasture, but all fall on deaf ears.  Youth groups have given up because of lack of funding and assistance.  It’s even hard to get land to do agriculture since Guyanese seem to get preference on the land lease project plus as you would know Naked, the north needs activities and development so things like this has led to a breakdown.

Why is it that Peter Phillips does more than Denis Kellman who I know reads Naked Departure and also many other big heads in St Lucy.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. The politicians, lawyers, business stalwarts, government officials and police all have jobs that pay way more than anything these youths can find to do and they still doing crime and murdering people. The same people of this country that crying out for their own youths to be shot down by dirty police to cleanse the ghetto areas, and jailed for life by a dirty dpp and dirty judges; the same shameless ones that are somehow able to turn a blind eye to the big man’s crimes, hug him up and bow and scrape when he pass and beg him for favours getting kill out. Only when poor black people do crime they have a problem, but the big man could do anything. No one is calling for their blood. Bajans deserve to get rob blind and taxed to death. Dem deserve the banana republic dem got. Dem sit and watch it being built, and said nothing, and still saying nothing as construction continues. I don’t wish for peace, I wish for justice. As long as some could do all the crime they like, it should be a free for all. It’s only fair.


  2. Real talk Kellman only care about his pockets but for years St Lucy belive in him and all he do was give the people a big rock,no recreation feilds, bad bus service and bad roads but i know the people will pull through this struggle ,no every youth in st lucy dealing with crime just a few that makes the others look bad


  3. To the letter writer, I hope you know that politicans come and go. To tackle the problem of crime you need to start within the home. Not at a politicans doorstep. I was recently unemployed, I didnt resort to crime. I went an enrolled in some classes to train and learn to new skills, and landed a new job soon after. This will not happen for everyone but you must at least give yourself the opportunity. Education equal opportunity. You must encourage others in the area to go that route.


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