Did a Civil Servant “Teacher”, Shakita Alcide, Actually Write this?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHAKITA ALCIDE — BARBADIANS, you are so far removed from moral reality it isn’t even funny!  Imagine, an employed teacher actually sat down and wrote this for all her young, impressionable students (among others) to see:

“So I have stayed silent because I thought that was best (yes, it was best you stayed silent Ms. Alcide, seeing you have a ‘role model’ position daily in front of already damaged children).  However, we all know I have a big mouth so staying silent is uncharacteristic of me (you need to exhibit more control, especially in the civil servant role of a school teacher).  It does not even upset me but it saddens me that people can be so evil and hopeless that they sit down and fabricate an entire story about someone they do not know and scandal it.  Naked Departure (Naked Departure doesn’t care about you! — Naked Departure is a machine.  You need to call your enemies by their Christian names.)…my name is Shakita Alcide and I am a teacher (you should be fired, forthwith!).  Nobody gave me this job (first lie! yes, you applied and you were given that job, based on qualification, hopefully they are not fabricated), I studied for five years and I earned it (you don’t earn a job, you earn your education to do the job.  you ‘earn’ your pay for doing a good job).  Naked Departure I am a teacher who has a life outside of teaching.  Yes I wear what I want because we live in the 21st century so the perceptions you close minded people have of teachers are now nonexistent in actuality (not quite.  Social media has made the world a small place and your students have access to social media.  Your students seeing you drunk, behaving disorderly, skin out, scantily clad, engaging in immoral behavior is not a what a civil servant should portray.  Taxpayers should not be paying you to show their kids how to behave immoral outside of home, school, church, etc.  If you want to display this type behavior, it should be done privately and not be seen and readily accessible to Barbadian students.)  The rule I live by and I teach my students is the importance of understanding that there is a time and place for everything (exactly, and with social media, you are bringing that TIME AND PLACE into the CLASSROOM).  I worked too hard to get where I am today for lies to tarnish my reputation (what lies? you just admitted some serious offences).  I love my students (no you don’t — you are there for the money.  If you loved them, you’d work for free…would you work for free Ms. Alcide?  If you loved them, you’d temper your behavior knowing they can access information and images via social media)….they know that.  I take their well being and progress to heart!  I have alot (‘alot’ is actually two words; to wit: ‘a lot’) to say when my reputation is on the line (what reputation?  You actually had the audacity to sign SOPHISTICATED SINNERS — what reputation are you speaking about?).  Barbadians, it’s time to wake up and refrain from trying to pull people down with lies…attempting to destroy people’s lives…and you people reading that crap and referring to it as an article.  Nothing on that website is an article. There are mere stories (mere stories?  What is this world if not for stories of people?  Wait, you’re not trying to say that the only relevant narratives are the narratives written by the white man, are you?  Are not the stories of your brothers and sisters important?  You just wrote a story here, is this not important?)!

My name is Shakita Alcide.  I am 26 years old.  I wanted to be a teacher from childhood and I take my job very seriously.  I do not do it for the pay, I do it because I’m an educated realist who students can identify with.  I’m a professional and I act as such.  Yes I party.  I just said I’m 26.  I have a life!  (Barbadian children are in desperate need of role models.  Maybe you should consider being such.)

I know some of you who had no idea will run to read what they post.  All I ask is that you report the page while you’re at it (it’s not a ‘page’, it’s a website, and you encourage UNCLE TOM behavior?  tisk tisk!  Only you should have the opportunity to be “yourself” and have a “life”?).

I will never hold my head down in shame.  I have a clean heart and a clear conscience.  First thing I learnt as a teacher was to always cover myself and I always did just that.  I have no problems with accusations…however, bring the proof.  Until then…seek God (God?   God’s not an article, God is a “STORY”.   You talk about PROOF then followed up by talking about a GOD?  Where’s your proof of such God and where does he/she/it lives?  Maybe God is like Naked Departure, a place where energy is exchanged in stories.  Yes, find God.).

We really live in a cold world!  (That it is!  And Barbados has made a large contribution to that factor!  Make the change!  It’s not all about wukking up and having a good time when the foundations around you crumble!  Save a child today!)

Shakita Alcide
Sophisticated Sinners (what audacity!!  hope God is not seeing this!) Promoter
Princess Margaret Teacher”

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Did a Civil Servant “Teacher”, Shakita Alcide, Actually Write this?”

  1. The Ministry of Education should investigate this. I am not suggesting she has not been anything but professional but her name keeps coming up in connection to young male students. Its just like at Lester Vaughan with the male Spanish teacher who was charged they did nothing even though rumours were around the school for months. Lets avoid another spectacle in education. I honestly believe she created more ripples than quieting them down.


    1. WATCH, LISTEN, LEARN. It’s the BLACK MAN who will always push to destroy the BLACK FEMALE. It’s happening right before your very eyes. Nothing remarkable, but just thought I’d mention it. THEY blame the black woman for their failures as men.


  2. Naked please leave my teacher alone. I am now sixteen,and she is a role model for me, and she got some of the sweetest p**** in the world. I am exploring my teenage fantasies, and she does take me all over the island in she car, and we f*** all the time naked. My mom do not have money to give me sometimes, so I stay at my teacher.


  3. There is a job for that “Sophisticate Sinner,” as a prostitute, but not in a class room as a teacher. You are shameful MS Accident, disgraceful, and god knows what nasty diseases you are infected with. Please continue to skin out your p****,as an employee of Peter Harris at Club Rehab. You are not even a sophisticated wh***.


  4. I think you should have stayed silent as well because you have changed nothing… Still a teacher rat SMH… Nuisance… stupesssssssss


  5. Children role models should be them parents. Stop trying to tarnish the girl blasted name. If yuh do good dum gine talk and if yh do bad dum gine still talk. Keep your head up


  6. That is a sure enough tear down and that teacher needed to be told a few things especially a teacher with the moniker of “Sophiicated Sinner”.


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