Mark B.A. Thompson, AIDS and the Black Dragon Diss

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Some years ago, as you all know or should know, I emerged from nine years of celibacy to give a brother in Barbados a chance at what I thought was a ‘relationship’.  THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!  Mark B.A. Thompson represented himself to be principled, he was the then President of the Rotary Club of Barbados West, and he sat as head of other statutory boards.

To make a long story short, Mark B.A. Thompson proceeded to rob me, he financially (and in other ways) raped me, he physically and mentally abused me, and the books ‘Naked Departure and the Trilogy Series’ came about.  That was a horrific time for me in Barbados and I wrote my story.

Now, there is a one-line diss of me and Naked Departure floating about.  Seems like the only narrative concerning Barbadians should be one that is tourist-friendly.  But, yes, yes, I’ve seen it.  In that video, Dan Corey (who denies being the author of the work) talks what only Barbadians can talk about: sucking out your mother’s c***, AIDS, STD’s, promiscuity, bulling — that’s it!  Like I said, it was a one-line tirade of which I’m sure RESONATED with Barbadians.

Below is a sub-human.  It’s what they use to try to destroy the BLACK FEMALE.  He is so lost, he does it willingly and misogyny is personified.

Dan Corey - all the bullers and pedophiles hate ND
Dan Corey – all the bullers and pedophiles hate ND

I have never met Dan Corey.  I assume someone has blogged something about him or someone he knows on the Naked Departure platform and I have to take the trashing.  Not a problem.

But to show what happens when good women (and I consider myself to be a good woman), give brothers a chance…to show what happens when you immerse yourself in a society not quite knowing the people…to show how one thing has touched so many other people…Naked Departure has spread!

Like I always say, when you rob, hurt, rape, murder, etc. someone, you touch the entire universe.  You cannot do evil and not expect there to be a loud reverberation throughout space and time.

Mark B.A. Thompson has not only robbed me, he has robbed many people in Barbados.  He has disappointed many women in Barbados.  I hope when he sees the video, he sees with clarity what he has done.  If he wouldn’t wish it on his children, he shouldn’t do it to others.

I stand proudly for all women who have been abused and who are not strong enough to put their faces or sign their names to their stories.  I stand tall.  I am not afraid!  Naked Departure happened to me and I want the world to know!  Sheri Veronica

Naked Departure

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  1. Mark b Thompson is the cause of all of this. If it wasn’t for his stupid ass none of this would have happen. de woman create Naked Departures to shead light on the immoral going-ons in barbados, sadly Naked Departures is a machine that anyone can use so even good people get burnt along with the bad. Lets get rid of nasty evil Mark B Thompson by any means nessary so we can go back to our dirty ways in peace.


  2. Baby girl you know I love you I’d hug and kiss you like a sister you have done for us in the last year what most people haven’t in a life time you’ve given us a voice and you’ve opened many eyes in this country it’s also amazing how all the people who want to shut you down and who hate ND are the first ones to comment on the site the site that they don’t read I don’t have to tell you keep on fighting cause you’re a fighter love you to the max


    1. what are you doing here Terrance? the same thing you accuse people of you find yourself here doing? well well well. Your chin is growing….your chin meridian i mean….


  3. I back u on this Naked cause it’s the ppl u trust the most that turn ur life upside down… I dont know how a common breed dog like him could make laughing sport at a situation like HIV /AIDS and he himself being a homosexual doesn’t know his Status and that’s y his child mother left him… Keep ur head up nd keep doing the good work exposing these f’g demons


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