Expose Insurance Fraud in Barbados!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  INSURANCE FRAUD — Naked, people really do need to take a stand against the insurance companies in Barbados for these injustices.  Expose more of them all the time.

“That’s not the only one spinning tales..the dude from FSC is spinning like crazy cause they got an international assessment coming up re the crooked insurance industry…instead of exposing and locking up the likes of Harris and Parris who continue to give the industry a bad name…clean up the landscape, they are covering up and pretending instead.

But that lie he told in the newspapers, is haunting him and the insurance companies in the same newspapers today. Insurance companies do not pay out to injured claimants on the island…they are dishonest and leave people to suffer and die.

News Flash…people already know the truth and have no intention of putting their head earned dollars in insurance scams.

This is one of the reasons people need to work together and find all those injured claimants who have judgments against insurance companies who refuse to pay those claims…and expose them ALL in the newspapers and on the blogs. …shame them for the world to see that the truth is, they are ALL dishonest….and thieves.

Peter Harris of CGI Insurance is famous for refusing to pay claims to injured people…find all of those people he refuses to pay…expose him and the other companies…they have done enough damage with their greed, destroyed enough lives with the help of greedy, corrupt politicians.”  Well Well & Consequences

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Expose Insurance Fraud in Barbados!!”




  2. If there was no insurance companies, you’ll never own a house unless you paid for it cash, you’ll be bankrupt if you knocked over some’s child, you will go out of business if an employee injured them self at your work place, and the list goes on. I often wonder if Barbados is cursed with the highest number of idiots and haters per square mile when compared to any other country on God’s earth.


    1. thomas harris, it is quite possible for a society to perform all functions that corporations perform, but with a different purpose. Instead of financially raping the society it could be nonprofit, and all those things you spoke of would still occur. When you are an insurance professional you study these things, i.e. alternative insurance arrangements and methods; yes, this occurs already, and has been for donkey years among groups who for example have different religious beliefs that don’t permit them exploiting their fellow man. Clearly you’re simply parroting your brother, or this IS your brother posting under your moniker.

      The unfortunate thing is that as you said bajans have a disproportionate number of idiots for its small size and believe rich slumdogs like you when you speak without critically assessing what you say. Imagine life without corporations exploiting the society, thomas.

      You’re suggesting to imagine life with insurance companies deleted, but don’t do that. Imagine that they can be replaced by some concept even better. Too many think because things are the way the are, it makes no sense to try to make them different or better.


  3. Thomas Harris I personally don’t believe that is your real name, but if it happens to be then you have all right to defend your brother’s name. I am very shore though that you are more than aware that he is rated among the biggest crooks and scammers there is in this fair land and the friends he has in high places are protecting him to the hilt, so you don’t have to be so protective of a downright crook as Peter Harris.

    Peter Harris and his CGI Insurance is defrauding many people who cannot turn to the courts for any reparation. His other businesses are just as crooked. I would not be very surprise if Leroy Parris is advising him or vice versa. They are all thieves and the Insurance regulators are condoning and covering for them all.


  4. Insurance companies need to make money in order to pay the salaries of all of their workers. Imagine life and a society without insurance companies, all things being equal. Why at every opportunity you get, Peter Harris’ name must be portrayed in a bad light? I’ll pray tomorrow for all of you haters.


  5. I know of few people that are still alive and waiting for insurance money and some have passed. They did get some small payments,,,but not the big payout. Some of these people beg relatives and friends for money to go to the doctor. Money to pay for food and for reports from a hundred different people etc., And if you don’t have the right lawyer… ..I sorry fuh yuh!

    It seems as though the cases are dragged on as long as possible, until the claimant dies or is so desperate they will take a measly amount.


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