Peter Bradshaw, Remember him?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PETER BRADSHAW is the uncle of wanted man Marlon “Brando” Smith.  Well, well, well, apples don’t fall far from the family tree.  Remember him?  SIX MONTHS after being released from Dodds after spending more than 30 years behind bars, convicted murderer Peter Bradshaw is reportedly back in police custody.

Barbadians voiced their concerns about this man (among others) being out of jail.  His sister, however, insisted that he served his time and JESUS was in him and he was a different man in need of a chance and a good-paying job.–not-enough-time-in-jail

Naked Departure viewers and bloggers said he was probably a hardened buller and should not be around children (especially when he stated that he wanted to ‘help youths’).

Well, what happened?

9 thoughts on “Peter Bradshaw, Remember him?”

  1. It had to happen. Was he released from prison for the same reason that Ince was released? We will have to await the results if we ever hear anything more about him.

    What is the Mercy Committee and Adriel Nothing is thinking now?


    1. Bear in mind that the police can pick you up, provide/collect the ‘evidence’, charge you, and then prosecute you, all of which occurs while you are in their custody and unable to put out the truth or take any steps to prove your innocence when you are supposed to be innocent until they have PROVEN that you are guilty. Then you come to court and it is your word against the state agencies with THEIR well-documented file including the statement “obtained” from you in police custody. For police fabricating a case even easier than tekkin a bribe or picking a fare. They does sit down in stations full of evidence of whatever crime they need for you to have committed. If is a drug crime drugs in the lock up. If a gun crime guns there. You in their custody. How hard is it to get your prints and a statement when them got more thugs than the crips and more cling wrap, plastic bags, and baygon than Massy? I once heard the story of a guy the police tried to put a big bag of weed on (which they took out the jeep) after they searched him and didn’t find anything; he escaped, literally, by running off. Sadly in 2016, even on ND, ya still have to tell ppl that everything is not always what it appears to be and ya can’t tek everything them say as gospel. I have heard something along the lines of what TiaT said as well, and likewise, time will tell.


  2. As was reported on ND 6 months ago we were told to keep an eye on this man not even a year yet and he in trouble with the law already well well well


  3. Heard the police take up de man days before for questioning and no one has heard from him since, family, girl, none. Heard they feel de police done kill de man and barely put that out to throw off Ppl. Time will tell, we will see if they find him coz they always find the ppl they put out armed and dangerous on. Even if they find ya and kill ya same time




  5. Being in POLICE Custody ! Or being Charge ! doesn’t make you Guilty of anything ! People gets Charge on accusations ! all the time ! People gets Charge on Sloppy Police Work ! all the time ,A Person is Innocent until proven Guilty !


  6. ND I’m a bit confused. I did not think you had much confidence in the police. How will we know who to believe regarding Peter Bradshaw? The police? Feels like we are between a rock and a hard place.


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