Polygraphs to Bajans is like Oil to Water

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — DEM DOAN MIX — If the polygraph is going to be properly utilized to test trustworthiness and integrity among Barbados government personnel, Houston, we’ve got a problem!!  And, haven’t we heard noise about this before?

” . . . Temptation does not know a uniform nor a service, it doesn’t know day or night, so for their own institutional longevity they need a mechanism like the polygraph test to ensure that their people are trustworthy and indeed that people seeking to get into their organisation have had a solid background.”   Glyne Grannum

What may actually happen is, people with no party affiliations, no nepotism and people with not much to lose, just may pass these tests and therein lies the problem!

It’s impossible to run a criminal enterprise without criminals on the payroll.  But lookie here, we have a suggestion.  To test the reliability and accuracy of these machines, test the ministers of government first.  Find out how much money they had before and after elections, and where did they get their millions, while in office, from.

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Polygraphs to Bajans is like Oil to Water”

  1. Ha ha you looking for Barbados to grind to a halt this place is so corrupt it’s become the accepted norm seems like people have come to accept that it’s a way of life you just learn to live with it…You have a problem you get a lawyer he does nothing so you switch to another one same thing so what do you do where do you turn? More than half of the people in Parliament are lawyers and they’re all crooks and they pass laws everyday so tell me cause I’d like to know


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