The “NOT ME” Brigade

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is for the “it wasn’t me” brigade!  “However, good governance entails the creation of the appropriate laws and policies to ensure a socially just and orderly society. ”

To the “it wasn’t me” brigade…..and this also applies to the opposition whose members were at one time or another the attorneys general, the acting PM, the PMs etc holding posts which gave them ALL the duties of legislators. …..just like the current Adriel Nitwit…..YOU DID NOT DO YOUR JOBS., over the years, none of you…….and the ones occupying the same posts today, are not doing their jobs now either, it might be escaping you, but it does not escape everyone.

Dale Marshall, former Attorney General, with Mia also as attorney general and acting PM at one time, never bothered to enact legislation to rein in and regulate the insurance companies to make absolutely sure. ..they paid injured claimants with high court judgements in a timely manner…or pay them at all.

The results of that neglect:

Dale Marshall, former attorney general is in yesterday’s nation newspaper lamenting the fact that after a year of Harmony Insurance neglecting a judgement by Justice Cornelius in 2015 to pay his injured client over a year ago, Harmony Insurance still ignores the judgement…, and refuses to pay the claimant or acknowledge Marshall’s many correspondences…..

……my question…why did Marshall, as attorney for this suffering man….wait one year to expose Harmony Insurance, they should have been exposed within 30 days of the judgement.

With all things being equal, I hope Marshall can appreciate the irony in exactly how karma can be a bitch. He never saw it necessary as attorney general to tighten up, legislate, regulate and enforce laws so that the Managers and CEOs or whatever they call themselves of these little scam insurance companies like Harmony and CGI Insurance can be arrested when they refuse to pay and ignore high court judgements awarded to injured people.

Mia as former attorney general and former acting PM also did not see it necessary to do her job back then either, in regulating these scam insurance companies…Adriel Nitwit will certainly not legislate to regulate them because as things stand currently, he himself is refusing payments to a nurse who was injured on her job at QEH over 30 years ago and is suffering and in need of surgery……he is making sure she suffers and will never get an adequate amount of money to get the necessary surgery to relieve her pain and suffering……the one reason, among many, that Adriel Nitwit should never be returned to parliament. the people. He would do the same to his voters.

All of these ministers and former ministers are well aware that the FSC…Financial Services Commission…which is just a pretty name and acronym…has no teeth to do anything in making the dishonest insurance companies pay injured people.., the people who work for FSC are stooges paid to cover up the fraudulent practices of the insurance industry on the island and make the international agencies believe that there are best practices and not fraud being perpetrated on the customers and people who have to deal with the insurance companies when injured…thrir role at FSC is one of cover up.

Since ALL the former attorneys general, PMs, acting PM, current attorney general and future attorneys general, PM, acting PM etc…are friends with, have either worked for, have sat or are sitting on the boards of, have accepted bribes and/or campaign financing from these same insurance companies and their thieving, dishonest, owners/directors/CEOs……not only do the injured not stand a chance…but the injured themselves are responsible for immediately exposing these insurance companies, immediately they do not pay your claim, after a judgement or settlement….do not wait a year…30 days after a judgement, or one week after settlement sgreements are made and not honored…expose these beasts refusing to pay….ALL of them.

The politicians and ministers have all been colluding with insurance companies for years, many, as lawyers on a tiny island, they have all been on the payrolls of these companies at one time or another…they rub shoulders with the dishonest people who manage these companies.

We will see if the government in waiting, once elected, make the necessary changes to the laws preventing insurance companies from refusing to pay injured people, or if they will leave it to the people to continue to expose the insurance companies as well as the government ministers who refuse to rein in the insurance companies and have the police arrest their dishonest CEOs….or if they will continue to play the “it wasnt me” blame game and keep passing the responsibility back and forth to each other…..because of how badly they have compromised themselves with conflict of interest.  Well, Well & Consequences

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “The “NOT ME” Brigade”

  1. When it comes to signing their monthly pay cheques, all right thinking tax paying Barbadians should shout “NOT WE !!”
    A whole lot of 16 card brag men.




  3. Citizen x ,

    I agreed with your above Statement ! These People that are Suffering ! Need’s to Send a Strong Warning to the (CEO) OF these CRIMINAL INSURANCE COMPANY’S ! GO and SHOOT ! ! ! ! ! ! Some of them ! You can’t Suffered anymore than you’re already Suffering . All these Present and Past Minister’s are Corrupt ! ! ! ! I don’t give a F___k about them .


  4. This is so true. Writer you should have included sungeneral and icbl insurance in that list, they’re even worse than cgi insurance. These companies have even paid off the supervisor of insurance who’s sole purpose was to keep these insurance companies in check. We are like fish in a barrel in barbados, left with no options. Naked Departures is our last and only line of defence. Let our voices’ echo far and wide.


  5. You go WW&C. You are so right on the money. The most glaring thing is that the police is not capable of doing much in light of the fact that most of the key people on the force are on the take too, the fraud squad especially.

    Most of the politicians are crooked to the core anyhow and will usually be backed by the sleeping Froon at the top. Let’s not forget to mention the Lawyers in Parliament who are advising them the crooks in our dishonorable Parliament.

    We are not hearing much from the Opposition of late, and when we speak of the Opposition the names CGI and Peter Harris come to mine with Club Rehab smack in the middle with all their secret cameras to keep them all quiet or expose them all for the public to see.

    How much more are we willing to take from scammers, schemers, bribers and takers, frauds and the crooks spitting down on us while the sleeping PM is condoning all this evil heaped on the people?


  6. It will never happen because they should also put regulations for themselves (the lawyers). In settlements the lawyer’s fee is paid by the insurance company having to pay the settlement but they (the stinking lawyers). Still demand payment from the client . Yet still some receive the settlement hold it for years on accounts usually fixed deposits for the interest. Then give it to the client after a year or two. Then still again demand to be paid. So the ag, pm, all lawyer stand to lose if they regulate the insurance companies because they themselves have wicked practices


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