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Aaliyah Birch

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AALIYAH BIRCH — Naked,  you  could  believe  Thursday   afternoon  I  dey  at  lunch,  me  and  my  girls,  my  phone   ring  and  it  was  that  wicker  Aaliyah Birch.  I  ask  she  wuh  she  want.  She  say  oh  she  want  see me and hang  out.  I  tell she  I en bout nain so wid she and I put down my phone.

She does be wid some ugly long head person name Shem Maynard.  Any way back to de wicker.  School done now I trying to walk and get to de bus stop.  Naked, you  know the girl following me and texting me telling me I look sweet from behind and all that sort c**t.  I did want bust she face but she didn’t touch me so I didn’t do nain.

I show a friend of mine all these nasty stinking text she sending all through the f**king class and she tell me to expose she.


Naked Departure

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  1. aaliyah birch Part 2

    Omg Naked i en gaw tell you look i read that article you had bout that wicker Aaliyah birch de other day . look everything bout that article true true true .I does go school at alleyne and i does see she up in all the girls like she thirsty i went and look for she on fb and u wont believe what i see she in bed with some girl all she pictures she in the same pants and she croutching down like a nasty bulling man she bout at school feel shes more man than de minister .Naked i en say nobody en to got friends i got mine but she “friends” and mine is two different types .All through she fb woman woman woman only a few wid that ugly retarded looking shight name shem he feel he big and bad hahaaa!! He big and bad and look bony and bad like a solomalian reject looking for food . I hear the other day at school did they almost catch she in the bathroom wid some second former .Naked i did wish she did family to me i would beat sh so rh bad pull out all de musty stink locks from she head . Look every body have to know Aaliyah Birch is a nasty w—- .


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