Miss Universe Barbados was Rigged!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANNON HARRIS — Naked, this show was rigged from the start.  Before the show many of the girls complained and threatened to drop out because Shannon Harris was given preferential treatment.  She was not required to attend the rehearsals in the same way that the other contestants were.  The pageant committee made Shannon give a fake apology to the rest of the girls which they all saw through.  She was picked even before auditions were completed and she had special relationships and conversations with some of the committee members of the show.

It is deplorable that in the 50th year of independence out of 15 black girls a white girl was chosen.  She will not represent Barbados well.  Caribbean islands don’t send white girls to Miss Universe.  Wendy Fitzwilliam was a beautiful black woman.

This decision makes Barbados look bad.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Miss Universe Barbados was Rigged!”

  1. Does it really matter whether she is white or black? She is representing all of us. You people need to stop throwing the race card in everything. Congratulations to Shannon Harris. I hope she does well. ✌


  2. So if you all knew this was happening, why didnt you write in during this process…so that when she eventually became the winner, your story would have more credibility?


  3. THOMAS HARRIS you talking like a real c–t, what the school have to do with anything,, only the ppl who been to the top schools have brains and only them can think and speak well, you are just a f****** idot who ever you are,,, any bet you is a white c****t too,, or maybe a black brain wash joker one of the two,, i cant be wrong lol,, hand in glove


    1. You need the Lord ML. Go to Church and ask the pastor to start praying for you. If stupidity were a crime you’ll be doing a few life times in prison. Where did you go to school? I’ll guess Princess Margaret Secondary. Not only that, I’m sure you finished last in class for your entire secondary school career. Now run along you little dunce. I pity you, so I’ll pray for you. BTW the best girl won. Put that in your pipe and smoke it too.




  5. @Thomas Harris
    Where is that body that you talked about.
    I have yet to see it.
    This young laD should not have participated in a competition for females.


  6. Shannon Harris is White. So what? Is the author of this rubbish suggesting that Barbadians who are Indian, White or any other race, apart from Black, need not enter such competitions. Bull shit. Lord forgive me. However, your very racist slip is showing author.

    Further more Shannon is a Harrison College graduate whose brains, along with her beauty and body left all the other competitors in the dust. I’ll pray for the racist in Barbados, it may take a lot of time to change such ways though.


  7. Don’t worry about it love I don’t think any of ya all would do a good job anyway all ya just wasting time find something more constructive to do with your time pageants are a waste of time beauty or otherwise


  8. Both Jamaica and Trinidad have has white contestants represent them in Miss Universe. Just do you research before making ignorant comments. Catherine Miller (Trinidad) and Jamaica (Kerrie Baylis). I was a the show and Miss Harris was way ahead of the other candidates. I saw nothing rigged. I’d like to ask one question. So only black persons like me are Bajan? White people aren’t?


  9. Once I saw who won I knew an article like this would be coming. We often like to say it doesnt matter if your’re white or black; rich or poor but we dont really mean do we. Pageants like this are usually won before the final night. Pre-interviews and social engagements are a HUGE. Also some Caribbean islands have sent non-black girls to represent them in the past. So you are incorrrect. And what do you mean that this lady will not represent Barbados well? Lets all support her, as we did all other past Bajan contestants, and hope that she wins.


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