Naked, I suffer from Fibromyalgia

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, l am begging for someone to help me I am desperate a friend ask me to write you she said you help people to get help I don’t know you but I hope and pray you get me the help I need.  Miss Naked, I suffer from fibromyalgia a severe pain condition you have to live on pain killers I can’t do anything and work is out the question I haven’t sleep in months.  Naked I see the doctor at the hospital and he give me pain killers injection they work somewhat the sleeping pills give me some rest.  I am depending on people for a living and don’t like it and can’t over do to ask for money to go to a private doctor.

Naked this is eight months I can’t get to see the doctor every time I fight my body to go to my appointment it cancelled ,the nurse say the clinic is to full and she have to send back some patients this.  Sixth time I was turn back and I had no medication my assistant spoke to the nurse and told her this was my sixth cancellation and I was in a lot of pain and nurse was loud and aggressive saying she doing what she was told to do.

Naked I cry all the way home nobody care about any body any more I was call by someone at the hospital two days before seventh appointment cancelling it give me an appointment for the thirteen of September and I really wanted to see the doctor when I turn on Tuesday 13 I went really early and waited and to be told no clinic it’s cancelled.

This is my eight cancellation.  I can’t take it no more this pain is unbearable.  I really can’t take it no more I don’t deserve this all I wanted was something to ease the pain and help sleep why treat people like this hospital.

Naked I can’t live like this.  I try to see my minister Mr Boyce if he not out he is in a meeting leave messages.  Why Naked.  I can’t live like this.

I will rather die than to live this life.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. John Boyce and the CEO Dexter James have moved their offices several years ago to the 19th hole at the golf course that is where you will find them regularly


  2. I beleave that clinic is Dr Mosely,s i too belong to that clinic and have been cancelled many times yes you did the right thing you let the nurse know you have no medication she should of gotten you a prescription you wouldn’t necessarily have to see the doctor sometimes we don’t have to see the doctor if our condition is stable ,I had to ask a question once and the nurse was very rude and I went to the sister and made complain about the nurse attitude that the first step ,no satisfaction ?take it a another step .now to the subject at hand don’t give up I know pain is not easy you just want to sleep even if it means for ever. Don’t give up sweet heart life is too sweet call the hospital Monday ask for Dr Mosely if you met Dr Mosely you would know I wouldn’t have to tell you this but for those who don’t know him I say this he is one of the best Doctors we have at the QEH he is a humanitarian if you don’t get him leave a message for him ,tell him how you feel I know he will help you .
    When I go to that clinic there’s no room for standing that clinic is a big clinic and only one doctor if he had to see everyone it would run well in to the night somthimes the nurses and clerk leave and he is still there he need assistance to man that clinic.we have to speak to management about these things another clinic I go to have only one Doctors ,clinics use to have three doctors or more according to the size I beleave they are cutting back on everythingat the QEH with the new Levi on imported we would see improvement . Bajans open wa na mouth and speak out about these things cause we got na opposition.


  3. We want the name of the doctor or doctors that keeps cancelling on you. Collecting our tax payers money when de month come and hardly want to work. Expose them. Ps, you should be on medically unfit benfits.


  4. Minister of health Permanent secretary Medical officer and CEO.
    This is a pack a people that haven’t the inkaling of ethical standards for the poor of this country were are your Hippocratic oath ,when This minister was place in health I know we have little hope for the poor sick ,have a stupid excuse why people are dropping dead.two more people drop dead this week and it is hush. Hush .i believe after hall meeting for a solution to the hospital problems the solutions let NCDs die..


  5. I am a fibromyalgia patient for over 15 yrs, the stress of not seeing the doctor can help cause the nerve pain to act up, if you can go to see a private doctor at lease get some lyrica, a muscle relaxant and some sleeping pills will help give some relief . If you drink coffee stop try to use stuff that contain lots of antioxidants and drink lots of chamomile at night to




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