All Hail the Resistance: THE MAROONS!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE MAROONS — Fugitive slaves had no interest in returning to white plantations.  They wanted to live in separate communities with their own leaders, political systems and resources.

They built economically independent and self-sufficient communities in the wilderness, mountains or wherever they could find a safe haven in the Americas or in the Caribbean Islands.  They wanted to make it as difficult as possible for slave chasers to find them.

Runaways who survived combined their skills and resources to build homes, raise crops and livestock. Working together, they created their own languages, customs, arts and laws that blended African traditions with European and Indian ideas.  In some instances, they created alliances with Indians, pirates and other social outcasts.  Successful communities armed themselves and challenged the notion of Black slavery and White European dominance.

Runaways called their newly formed independent colonies “Maroon Communities”. The largest, most successful and durable Maroon Communities were in Spanish Florida, before it became a part of the United States, and Jamaica.   PowerNomics

Naked Departure

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