Donville Inniss, Drunk

Donville Inniss

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DONVILLE INNISS — If ever we wanted to know what an economic assassin looks like, here he is.

Donville Inniss is devoid of caring and empathy for the regular Barbadian citizen.  How else must we know Inniss if not by his words and actions.  And his words lack the capacity to show empathy or even concern for the regular Bajan citizen.  Doing business for Inniss is a virtual emotional graveyard of suffering for Barbadians, who Inniss contends are merely casualties of his war on the poor.  Again, the feckless antics of his DLP, offers little more than massive headaches to the people of Barbados, who are bewildered by this tantalizingly despicable group of political desperadoes, who make up the DLP.  No, not politics at its worst, it is humanity at its lowest element.

Donville Inniss, Naked Departure offers you the Barbados Idiot Award (BIA), and you are joining company with those in the DLP, who lack the common sense and decency to do right by the people of Barbados.  I can only hope that the electorate will be as good to you and your DLP party, as you have been to the people of Barbados. I hope you have started looking for employment, in one of your QUID PRO QUO businesses for which you are staunchly partnered.  Bajan Rebel – Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Donville Inniss”

  1. Anonimous you seem to have quite a lot of faith in commissiong you need to look more deeply into these people before defending them hear that same commissiong was on Owens payroll till Owen kick he in he ass so don’t mind all the grand standing do your research my friend


  2. All that talk is well and good but who will take the lead for fear of the corrupt Police and the on-the-take DPP. Maybe one or two reasonable politicians that really understand what is happening to us at the hands of our Politicians?

    Commissiong is the only gully boar with balls enough to speak his mind openly because the crooks will not and cannot touch him other than those who have a keyboard mainly for castrating him every time he comes to the people with something solid, reasonable and factual.


  3. What really have me is how these hand to mouth f—ers behave after these criminals treat them with such callous and scant respect and you turn around and act like you’ve seen a really celebrity when these criminals come around calling them sir and all kind of foolishness hugging them and want to take pictures with them and pinning on boutonniere and handing out bouquets to the female after making them suffer for the previous 5 years looka my MP ya look too sweet and swearing their allegiance pathetic makes me want to barf


  4. You bloody schmucks knew these DLP guys were idiots from about the 1st year in their 1st term in office, yet, you re-elected them, also 40%
    of the electorates refused to vote. What the ass you gully monkeys are complaining now for? All like now you dolts should be utilizing these mediums to alert the people of the coming revolution, there will be a paradigm shift, not business as usual, but no! You bitch and whine like little pussies.
    “”The revolution will not be televised.”” No foreigner is coming to help you lot, stop skinning yuh teets, and wukking up, do something to help yourselves.


  5. Barbadians’ have become a set of hand out people,that’s how these politicians thrive,when they get tired of one set another set comes and the cycle begins again.wounder when will we learn

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