Kendria Wiggins

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KENDRIA WIGGINGS — Nakeddddddd, this girl is a real van rat tho.  She mess with all the van men in Ellerton but she favorite one is a tall black man them is call Indian.

The joke is all the talk she is got for people she can’t leave home without she mother permission.  She mother is a black, brawling women that like to talk a lot about people but don’t check she daughter.  All this fat, square-shape land whale is do is interfere with people and don’t see how s**nk she look.  She face OK but she body look like a pig.

Little girl what you need to do is stop talking and laughing at people and buy new clothes and stop wearing that crusty Rihanna shirt in town!!!!!!

Gudith, you need to watch you pet whale she f***ing around the wrong one.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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