DeShauna Barber, Miss USA

Meet Deshauna Barber

THE WORLD/USA (Naked Departure) — DESHAUNA BARBER — Naked, even the USA, from time to time, knows how to get it right!  You mean to tell me that Barbados could not find ONE beautiful black girl to represent our 95% black island?  Miss USA looks more Bajan than that Harris girl.   And, by the way, is it true that Ms. Harris’ boyfriend is, allegedly, involved in criminal activities?

Naked, this is the type of beauty (DeShauna), with resume to match, that you want representing Barbados, not someone who only reads health magazines!  What message is that sending?  And claim to have a modeling contract…, where are her brains.

This girl is already a winner.        Anonymous

Naked Departure  (Photos: Internet, PageantsNews)

6 thoughts on “Meet Deshauna Barber”

  1. If the only problem you have with Miss Harris is her skin tone you are damn racist. Stop the damn hating. She won well hating not gonna change that. We bajans too damn petty.


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