Modern-Day Slavery – Digicel Play Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DIGICEL Play Barbados — Naked, Digicel does treat we like slaves.  Ya see how they celebrate their 10,000 customer with nuff applause, it’s a pity they don’t treat the staff the same way.

They treat us like slaves.  Naked, let me talk about our pay.  You believe we does get pay $6 for each Internet or tv sale?  6 rashole dollars.  You working hard is c*nt and sometimes all u could get a day is 6 rashole dollars? You ever see so much c*nt?  They could give customers half off, and can’t give staff s*it off the killing they making.  That can’t even feed my child.


Meanwhile Nisha Craigwell and that b**ch Maria Lynch does carry home 10 and 12 grand a month, while we getting scraps.

Then Nisha Craigwell wanna talk about we ungrateful. Ungrateful for what?  We don’t carry home 10 grand like u sweetie.  All she is f**king do is stop in office and tell ppl we lazy.

Flow raping Bajans, Digicel raping Bajans.
Oh, and for the customers, they does charge people $15 for video recording but don’t tell no one.  They don’t tell no one that the landline is minutes, they don’t tell no one that the Internet does cut in and out.  Anonymous
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  1. ok people, lewwe sort out this before it go it go any further into ignorance.

    i work wid Digplay, so i gine let wunna know de real truth.

    the quote fuh payment on the single service is correct, Maria’s attitude leaves alot to be desired sometimes, Nisha is sometimes a bit hypocritical, but, when yuh say “A” yuh got to say “B”/

    you only getting $6 because yuh ass to fcuking lazy (jus as Nisha say) that you choose to go & sell only a single service. yuh shud let de people know that you cud get $100+ on 1 sale if you work hard enough for it (learn to talk to people).

    Nisha being lazy int got shit to do wid how you sell de products wen you pun de road asshole. stop blame Nisha laziness & step to fcuk up & do de work to get d $$$ you desire. if yuh ass did working fuh yuhself yuh wud gtta do de same type of hustling so that argument fail asshole.

    Maria as stated in another ignorant comment is a bit on the bitchy side sometimes, i will admit, but ask anybody that does work anywhere for any organization, there is always that 1 bitchy manager in every company, so once agen stop balme people for yuh inability to do de job de same “bitch” Maria give your ignorant ass a chance to do, which you clearly failing at cuz yuh hey online talking shit….

    to de ass that call out Kerrigan, you really think that the clown that type this post was mature enuff to approach or articulate demself to HR and this situation was ignored & reahed this point? if you do then you are to stupid to be in a convo wid anybody at Digicel whether GSM or PLAY.

    back to de clown now, stop mek up shit bout people & stop blame people for yuh failures, step to ass up & work for yuh $$$, or resign & go find work elsewhere cuz yuh mekking yuhself uh ass online fuh de world to see…come work & ask who post this so i cud tell you wuh i really feel bout you to yuh face yuh stupid bitch!!!!!




    1. Ok people let’s get all this shit sorted right now….I work for Digiplay Barbados.

      That being said, the payment on TV as stated is correct, so are the comments about people being lazy & to some extent Maria’s attitude, but, when saying “A” you must say “B”.

      The only reason you would get $6 per day is if your “lazy ass” decides to only sell a single service. You (whoever your cowardly bitchass is) were hired as a “Sales Executive” and as such your salary or daily earnings are based on your outputin terns of closing sales…so if you dodon’t want to get paid $6 put in the work & sell the fcuking bundles!!!!

      If Nisha lazy that isn’t fcuk all to do wid how you do your job asshole she don’t be on the road with you, as you clearly said she always in the office. (Lies once again as she is hardly at her desk)

      If Maria is a bitch as you say that has nothing to do with your ability to sell either as she is never with you on the road. Now, I will admit there are some uncessary situations that arise and the handling of those situations sometimes leave people wandering, but, nevertheless, none of it should affect how you do the job you were hired to do, if it does you don’t belong in a company setting as all companies have there own level of interval fcukery employees gotta deal wid, but your dumb ass don’t see people posting shit and calling out management.

      If you got an issue stop bitching in the shadows, step to fcuk up & deal wid it, Naked Departure can’t change nothing in your situation clown, be an adult and follow the mature & correct procedure, that’s what Human Resources is there for.

      To the ass the called out Kerrigan asking stupidness, the man is the HR manager who not only deals with Digiplay but The Digicel Brand on the island, why would you be so stupid to think that a person so immature to put this post up would be intelligent enough to approach and articulate themselves to HR and this still be an issue long enuff to make it on this site.

      Stop with the propaganda and bullshit…step to fcuk up & handle your bizniz like an adult, I hope your dumb ass read this & come looking fuh me lemme tell your childish ass what I really want to…..


    1. is people like you that is why things like this is go further than necessary look how you talk about you have this and tha to say about this Maria and ye I no about it and work hard ?girl pls come over to this side and see wa is work hard though why is it ya complaining now and not before when sales were up for you bish go so wid ya brek ass Coz bright and early tmor I gin work in my purple and when end of month come my 34 straight


  3. Imagine you took two buses to get work and then made that kinda money, and gotta take two buses home… would you go to work the next day?
    I long for the day that the oppressed find understanding and solidarity. They are the ones that bring in the money. One of the first things I was taught in uni fresh out of school was that capitalism is based on exploitation, and the more profit the more exploitation. The whole basis of it is that the staff’s labour brings in revenue, and the aim is to pay them as little of that revenue as possible. The value of your labour is what you make for them, not what they pay, and if we had sense and unity gas attendants and cashiers and sales reps would never be struggling.


    1. the person neglected to say they get a flat base salary a month regardless of if they made a sale or not …….can’t take everything u see on the net especially on here as law


      1. you are a ct. If you know about the base, you should know its just as much scraps as the commission

        carry your trifling a–.

        fk outta here


  4. Not only play buy all through Digicel this happens. Got foreigners making $20,000 usd and up while most of the hardworking staff gets south of $4,000 Barbados a month.


  5. At those wages you could walk around picking up change and make more money in a day. Below a certain point working is less use of your 8 hours (or more) of life than not… just to put on a uniform and say you have a job? Even a cheap car wash costs $10. paying like that digicel should be empty pun a day. Then they would have to shut down or pay more. Simple.


    1. then the government would wanna know y ppl turning to drugs and crime…

      you see the sorta money big companies wanna pay ya? Could get more hustling on the street in half hour.


  6. This is what those telecommunication companies do.

    Hire cheap labour to make their pockets fatter.

    They often hire young inexperienced persons because they don’t want to pay proper wages.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they constantly hire interns to do what an administrative assistant should be.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if one person is doing 3 and 4 jobs.

    You gotta remember Digicel don’t allow unions. So that would happen . Ain’t even surprised.


      1. You remember a couple yrs ago when Digicel employees were trying to unionize ?

        What was the result? Why did Carol Edey leave?

        Digicel as an employer does not allow trade unions. They don’t give a fuck about employees.

        I have so much news about Digicel . Y’all gotta give me some time to write up a proper blog about it.


    1. most of this is bs…..person neglected to tell u they get a flat base salary a month even if they don’t make a sale and stop u from joining a union ?am how ?u don’t have to let your employer know your union though gawd


      1. You just as stupid.

        Employer don’t have to know you are in a union?

        Why join a union then?

        You suppose to hide the fact that you are in a union .



      2. You sound stupid bad.

        Since when you suppose to hide that you are in a union?

        You sound like that dumb cunt Susan that get promote for kissing management ass.

        In fact Naked, you should do a post about Susan Licorish . She another dumb cunt.


  7. The rich gets richer, meanwhile the poor get poorer.

    Two Barbados.

    How can people work in these conditions .

    I always thought Digicel was an ideal employer. Not anymore. I thought Digicel cared about Corporate Social Responsibility. I thought Digicel cared about Bajans.

    Not anymore.

    I am cancelling my postpaid and play bundle accounts.


  8. Is this Nisha Craigwell that lives in Bush Hall? That is involved with netball?

    B**ch should be last to call someone lazy.

    B**ch stupid Af.

    She a stupid b**ch.


  9. In 2016?

    What can $6 buy? I would hate to think managers are getting a percentage of the portfolio.

    Kerrigan what kind of ship are you running down there?



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