Renaldo Ward

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RENALDO WARD — Naked, let me tell you bout this man w**re Renaldo Ward.  He is the absolute worst.  Now, let we get to the main story.  He does work down Harbour Road and nearly every woman down dey he does want.  Right now it got these two s**ts that EVERYBODY know he f***ing.  1 name NIKITA ARCHER & the other 1 name NATASHA SPRINGER.

Renaldo does do both these w***es in dat little white van he does drive.  D 1 dat name NIKITA, she does mess with he gine and coming just to get lil change to support dem two alien-looking children she does got posing bout wid.  Man NIKITA is a w***e but she is a smart w***e u know, man d woman does let EVERY 1 of her friendz know dat Renaldo does gotta give she at least $100 just to get she.  D 1 NATASHA now, she does just b a 3rd wheel most of d time but from wa I hear she does get some of d d**y dat sharing.

Renaldo got a woman but I feel fa she cuz he and he two s**ts does b down KM2 Solutions licking up she name BADDDD!!!  I mean, NIKITA does b bout d place sayin dat Renaldo barely trickin dat young girl, dat he don’t love she, he just using she but he really love she (Nikita).

Can’t tek none of d 3 of dem.  3 stinking liars, especially dat 1 Renaldo.  Nuttin but lies does come outta he mout when d dayz come.  Man does get tellin certain ppl dat he ‘love’ he woman but den when he talkin to d ppl dat really know wa gine on, he does be tellin dem thingz like ‘I can’t wait to leff she fa Nikita’, ‘Nikita & Natasha stuff way sweeter than wa she got to offer me’.

Naked, I gine fill u in wid more information as it come to hand see, cuz little do d 3 of dem know, I is part of NIKITA close circle SOOOO everything dat is said……..I DOES KNOW ABOUT!!!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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