Alex McDonald is an Income Tax Fraudster

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ALEX MCDONALD — The pompous ass Alex McDonald is complaining in various circles, that we at the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) unfairly  audited him recently.

McDonald, how can you object?  There was no personal or political motive as you are trying to get others to believe.  You have failed to file income tax returns since 2013.  The last time you paid income tax is for the income period 2011-2012.  And the amount paid for that income period is way below what you should be paying.  You very well know this and please do not try to portray the BRA tax officers as idiots or being vindictive or being manipulated.

You live a very high-flying life, yet you claim that you are catching your ass.  Not true.  Myself and other government workers have no choice but to pay our rightful taxes.  For PAYE is deducted from  our incomes long before it reaches our bank accounts.  Here are you on the other hand trying to defraud the government and people of Barbados of tens and possibly 100s of thousands of dollars.  You are nothing but a thief.  You should be very ashamed of yourself!

Stop spreading nasty lies about the BRA.  You were never audited for political reasons.  If you paid what was due to the BRA, no one would have ever noticed you.  Please let your other friends know in the circles that you hang out in, after the tax amnesty is over on March 15, 2017, we will be coming after them too.  You included if you do not make the necessary arrangements during the period of amnesty to get your house in order.

Your high-profile assets are well-known to us.  You cannot say that you have not been waned.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “Alex McDonald is an Income Tax Fraudster”

  1. There are many DBLP members family friends who are not paying taxes, Even the government is not paying their rents, If the Government is not paying out then why must the people , Lead the same way you follow


  2. Envy huh. Who envies someone who steals from others like Peter Harris, steal from injured and disabled people. That thief is blighted and karma is right around the corner.


  3. If this is Thomas Harris you would know that Alex McDonald is an obnoxious jackass and a piss poor golfer who rubs everyone the wrong way. Both him and your brother Peter from CGI make a good pair.


  4. How much of Peter Harris’ assets are made up of money he refused to pay injured claimants. Does he pay people who are injured too, be careful how you lie, it’s just a matter of time before these lies are exposed on Naked Departure and other social media.




  6. I hope wunna see how the bullers stand up for each other take note…Alex Mcdonald is a very upstanding buller and would never defraud anyone including the Barbados government lmfao murdaa what a pathetic buller Thomas Harris is this is just pure comedy he must be d man fucking accountant what an idiot


  7. Naked you are getting somewhere when the BRA sees fit to use tis site to expose the crooks in society. Now they should go after the Politicians and Lawyers.

    We already know people like Bjerkham, Mark Maloney. Peter Harris and Parris and the other big maguffies and a heck of a lot more that are Froon’s friends will not be touched, but this is a start thanks to ND.


    1. Leave Peter Harris’ name out of this please. What is your problem? Jealousy, envy and hate is causing so many people to drop down about here. Time to relieve yourself of such feelings. We don’t want to read about you in the newspapers now. I’ll pray for you.


  8. Alex boy, hide your money in the Cayman Islands like Chris Sinckler, Michael Lashley, Donville Inniss, Michael Carrington and Owen Arthur. The new form of Caribbean crooks would not be caught dead with assets in plain site. Ask Chris Sinckler how he gets all that money out of Barbados, he and Michael Lashley.


  9. I’m sure this is all lies. Alex McDonald is a very upstanding citizen and would never defraud anyone, including the Barbados Government, of what is rightfully theirs. Alex I’m in your corner on this one.


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