Bajan Women Got to be the Easiest Women to Bed

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BAJAN WOMEN — Naked, I ain’t making no sport tho, Bajan women got to be the easiest women in the world to f**p .  Ya all does fall for so much crap, a lil sweet talk and all the pussy till your heart’s content.  No background checks, no investigation, nothing and when the truth comes to light it’s the same old all over again.

What you did last you could have done first and it wouldn’t have gotten this far.  Wunna just like fooping.   Could understand back in the day but with all this technology it’s so easy to find out anything about anyone.  So now after giving away all that easy pu**y, you hey trying to destroy “Sampson”  Idiot!  I’m sure you could have checked before you opened your legs.

Same way you have that pic of the man and his very beautiful wife could have got it back then so you can cry out all you want the man gine still be with his wife and you concubine will chalk that up to just another sex partner.  I’m sure you’ll go through same thing all over again.

You can cuss me I don’t care my back broad wunna too dam wutless.   Adrian

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Bajan Women Got to be the Easiest Women to Bed”

  1. Wow what a lady she does —- cause she wants to show love lololol I thought ladies had s– didn’t know they —- I believe you confuse yourself too much


  2. Disgusting pigs you are. And a bunch of lil boys. Bad talking women, when it was a woman who gave birth to you. Ready to judge. Who ever wants to give way their pussy? It belongs to them. Wunna got sisters, wives, girl children and I just wizh the way you view women? That they meet men who view them the same way. Some of you sound bitter. But maybe if you kept your dickies out of the ghetto wunna wun gotta buy pussy for a phone card. I am a bajan woman and I am married to a real bajan man. Thank God, for him.. If there is an after him? I done with men on a whole cause the things and views I see here on this blog? Shows me that we got some serious problems of how you men view women. Not all women sell dem cunt for phone cards. Some of us are respectful and independent. Hence why I would never take things from men. My husband supports me emotionally but we both make enough and I can supoort myself and he respects that. I can live with that. But some of wunna men. Omg. All women are loose? Wunna mkthers shoulda abort wunna ass. Disrespectful dogs you are. Fuck all of you. My pot don’t bubble at none of you. And a true lady will never fuck for a phone card or money. That is modern day prostitution. I fuck cause i want to show love. You are a bunch of pigs. So keep the guyanese, Jamaican woman. I hope dem rob wunna ass blind. Confused mfs.


  3. Michael Angelo which world do you live in? This is reality son weather you choose to accept it or not ain’t gine stop it from happening maybe you came up in the church and was sheltered so your first encounter was probably the only one but me I’ve seen quite a bit not all but a lot and would never bury my head in the sand


  4. Take this general truth as a lesson for parents to teach their daughters self respect. Fathers, teach your daughters to value themselves as women. Otherwise any dog will sweep them off their feet, The women who know what it is to be genuinely cared for, as an example set by their fathers would rarely end up in that boat.


  5. Do you guys have sisters and mothers or even aunties. It is sad how you all ready to shoot or stab someone should they say ” me and yuh mudda” yet still this is how you view them. Sad sad sad.


  6. You so right bajan woman do not care who u are of if u have a wife or not will just give up the pushy and even when people tell them the man married there will still continue to f the man and the want to ball the man out but the man talk sweet in there head and u think there will stop f’ing him on no there tell them why u in tell me u was married so foolish


  7. Lol jack Dempsey I always knew you were sick but you have become sicker P dry like Rayside gravel lolololol throw dem child under a bus fuh cheap remi murdaa that’s just sick


  8. All you got to do is top up the phones, and they act just like the chicken heads they are. Adrian, they use to call dem old birds at one time, but these new chicken heads, would push their children under a Transport Board bus for some Remi Weave, a phone top up and a new outfit. Man you talk bout easy, they will give you the puntane all day for dem cheap things boy. And don’t mess around and meet one of these old birds, who p dry like some of Rayside gravel, boy, they would give you the pentane for one pound of pigtails, and a bottle of mauby or hotsauce.


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