Elvin Nash, PBS’s General Manager

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ELVIN NASH — Naked, it’s been four years and we the employees at PBS sat here hoping that PBS would return to normal.  But how can it be if the General Manager Nash continues to be involved sexually with Sales Manager Maria Thompson?  Leaving the staff without training and customers without satisfaction and his stupid wife without love and attention.

Suzette Nash is found seeking love and attention from people’s husbands.  How do we Barbadians allow Jamaicans to come into our country and treat us like slaves????

Naked, we will sit here and await higher management to give us a resolution to this problem we’ve been faced with over the last couple of years!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Elvin Nash, PBS’s General Manager”

  1. The fact that this is the 9th month in the year and 10 staff members already walked away from PBS shows that something is seriously wrong.
    The GM should look at what he is doing wrong and stop spending so much time looking at Maria’s ass in her tights.


  2. It’s been 4 years… hoping… LOL

    WE allow (whoever) to treat US like slaves… LOL

    WE will sit here and await HIGHER MANAGEMENT to GIVE US a resolution to this problem WE’VE been faced with over the last… (4)… years!  LOL


  3. I am tired of hearing about these Jamaicans treating people poorly. Sandals, guardsman and pbs to name a few. When are we goin to boycott these establishments?


  4. The same way you let white people from England,America and Canada,Come and treat you like slaves and walk all over you but.You never complain about the whiteman.But you have enough talk for your sisters and brothers from the other islands.


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