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Janice Pamela Greaves from Josey Hill

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, the Bajan public needs to know about Janice Pamela Greaves from Josey Hill, St. Lucy and Credit Officer of the Student’s Revolving Loan Fund.  First off I have never been a recipient of a loan from this institution and I am irate that some students never pay back or only pay back some outstanding monies.  However, it is the stinking attitude of this officer who steps out of bounds to sneakily get information about the financial status of delinquent persons who refuse to pay back the loan.

This b**ch is out of place, condescending, a liar and most of all a blasted thief.  She displays this better-than-anyone-else behaviour and talks down to people thinking they have to give her information on people’s personal accounts at several business places while trying to figure out why they cannot repay their loans.

I know your responsibility is to ensure loans are repaid but she is rude, obnoxious and uncouth in going about her business.  Who the hell do you think you are Pamela Greaves?  Because you old you think you in a place to talk down to people?  You are nothing more than a poor-great poppet masquerading as a high-class c**t.  You better keep your ra$$hole mouth in check before it get back to the same people that you spying on and illegally trying to get access to their personal accounts, just remember too many guns in Barbados and many of these delinquents are rich enough to pay someone to ………………………….

Besides, the reason why the Student’s Revolving Loan Fund breck is partly because you did tiefing de money from the time you start working there in April 1991.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Janice Pamela Greaves from Josey Hill”

  1. The more I read comments on this site the more I am convinced the literacy rate in Barbados is not 95% as the statistics show. Only one out of four commenters so far got the gist of the article. The writer made it clear he/she never borrowed from the SRLF and this was probably stated up front because it is known when one expresses their opinion from a certain angle wrong- thinking people always assume you are guily of whatever offence the subject may be and as it turned out the comments illustrate this. Let me give an example, if someone does not express hatred and violence towards gays then that person surely must be gay as well, but anyway back to the article. The writer stated defaulters should pay back the loan and it is the credit officer’s job to ensure loans are repaid however the unpleasant and “condesending, uncouth”manner in which this officer in question is going about getting information from business places leaves a lot to be desired. That is the most important point the writer seems to be bring attention to-not that defaulters should not repay.
    As for thejustician whether or nor you are rich or poor and you owe money you should pay it back, poor people should not be exempted just because rich people refuse to repay, rich people’s wrongs don’t make poor people right.
    As for New World Order is Black what is a scont?


    1. Poor people should indeed be exempted, that is exactly what I am saying.

      That is my opinion. You will note that I did not address the accusation or its truthfulness; I wasn’t there. In a nutshell the writer said they never had a loan, ppl say ya lie, pay back de money, I say (without getting into whether she had one or not) even if she did why should she, for reasons already stated.
      As long as the poor must, as YOU say, not be exempted, then they will always be exploited, because those who decide who is to be exempted are rich or owned by them, thus always go after the poor and exempt the rich. Their turn never comes, and never will under such unjust circumstances. I prefer justice to following the law. The whole point of law from the start was to ensure justice; this no longer occurs. Law is now manipulated to protect the unjust and facilitate injustice. As such, the only way to bring justice under these circumstances is for the poor to exempt themselves. If you don’t understand that’s ok. You are the majority, and once enough people endorse your view you assume it to be correct, and thats all you need to sleep easy in the face of corruption and injustice, even calling for the unjust to reprimand others. FYI it is possible for the majority to be wrong. Just saying.


      1. There is a part of me which does not think I should respond to your drivel but nevertheless I will. Are you saying to ask poor people to repay thousands of dollars for a loan granted to them is exploitation? How so? If a person or in this case an institution is kind enough to lend (notice I said lend and not give) you money to further your studies and ultimately make a living dont you think the moral and legal thing to do would be to pay it back? That is the problem with so many people these days, when they do wrong and are called out on their behaviour they look around to see if someone else they assume is in a better position than them is also being castigated and whether or not they are the poor begin to take on this victim mentality knowing others will join and take their stupid stance. Let me ask you this, because a rich person is a damn thief, a poor person should be satisfied with being a damn thief as well? When judgement day comes poor people are going to be asked about their own actions not what rich people did, the rich will have to answer for themselves. By the way the list published by the SRLF contained persons society considers rich like lawyers, successful business men and women etc. because I know some of them so I dont know what preferencial treatment you suggesting. Schuuuups!


  2. Lol. Its so true. Its obvious that they’re illiterate. Some persons just comment to try to ridicule others and in doing so show how ridiculous they themselves are. I have never had a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund but if I did and refused to pay it back, that gives her no right to behave in that way. There is a legal way to address loan delinquency. Two wrongs can never make a right. Also I think it is really distasteful


  3. I am convinced people read to comment and not understand. Wunna telling the writer payback her loan when she said in the first paragraph that she has never received a loan from SRL. Ignorant bunch you are.


  4. When the big ups tief from the ppl no one don’t mek dem pay back. The bar association does intentionally put back cases and don’t hear cases so lawyers ain gotta pay back. Freundel even tell carrington in wunna face to get a lawyer so he don’t gotta pay back. Wunna would never tell he to pay who he rob, but wanta kill a poor person for a small loan dem don’t owe YOU, and dat YOU ain getting a cent outta. Wtf it gotta do wid you, and don’t tell me bout taxes cuz wunna gonna get tax whether the loans pay back or not, just the excuse to tax will be different. The crown owe us more than it got wealth to pay so I say if you can rob it, rob it like C.


  5. writer you are a full blown scont PAY BACK DE F’NG LOAN stop threatening people yuh feel yuh bad borrow monies and dont wanna pay back she right tuh gain access tuh yuh bank accounts, u now mek it worst fuh other people wid yuh ignorant self threaten all yuh like yuh still got to pay it back PUT ALL DUH FACES AND NAMES IN DE PAPER


  6. You need to get you facts straight, stop blaming de staff and do the right thing and pay back de ppl loan. You would want a loan fuh ya child or grand child but don’t wanna pay back de blasted ppl money. All like you so want lockup for de crown money.


    1. Stealing money for 25 years and nobody in authority ain’t noticed????
      De Loan Fund don’t get audited??? Well let de Auditor General know den.


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