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Terri Waithe from Spooners Hill

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TERRI WAITHE –Naked, I have a story for you and your readers.  Terri Waithe from Spooners Hill is wild and running around with all kinds of men and now pregnant and don’t know who the father is and trying to put it on people.

I use to deal with her too and she had a man that she said was her world but still did easing with me on the side and she was so in love with this man but still going behind the man back with me and other men.

Naked, she’s a good liar too.  So men if you’re reading this and know who I mean then jump ship before she puts that child on you.

Naked, she had a good man and was messing on the side with other men but she messed up the man and she want exposing now because she want to put this baby on people.  She told me that this man helped her with a job and does treat her well and take care of her and she now meet Mr Right but I did still dealing with she and God knows who else too not to mention other van men too.

Naked, this girl too lied and I feel kinda sorry and bad for that good man she had and the relationship I broke up but she needs to be exposed for the liar that she is and as for you Terri stop putting that child on people and bragging and boasting about this man you meet that did help you with a job and does treat you good and take care of you because you still out there running here there and everywhere.  You should go back and make things right with the man instead of being a doorknob for people.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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