VIDEO –Coco and Doc246 of Melrose, St. Thomas

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — Dear Naked, if the men know they have no money or looking for free f**k tell them my shop closed.  Why this one doc from Melrose St Thomas that is a tiler wasting ma precious time for knowing I ain’t the one.   Ah ain’t want no friends, friends is not a currency, it does not work at the Gas Station, supermarket or in a restaurant.

If men want to experience what it is to be with a transsexual it costs MONEY.   Hair gotta buy, clothes gotta buy, makeup gotta buy.   I will not sit and have my precious time wasted.   How doc posting pun he IG bout people set he up?  Boy —– ya mudda, ya hairy gorilla cross breed.   Every night you like a hungry dog begging to see my videos and you talking when you throw you ting I going holla.

Naked, looka he half mek d**gy what hollering (lord haveth mercy, not posting) a big b**** like me would do with that ain’t finished d**k.   And wa mek it worst he woman message me ‘doc say it’s a lie’, bout I trick he is a woman.  What had me is that she like she ain’t care bout he horning she but she come to me like she belong in the school for de deaf and dumb.  If other people c**ts call Freeville and them letting you jump in n out for freebies I am sorry this slush isn’t for free,nothing good in life is free.  Submitted by: The Queen Diva, ya best believe ya, Serving Life with no Parole (a/k/a Coco)


Naked Departure (Screenshot 1 of over 50 – I don’t get paid to do so much work!)

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  1. COCO is a deseased bulling extortionist…all these people i see he expose were for wat?..$50?..$100?…less?…you are a bulling are not GAY…no other member of the GAY community does these things..Didi watson is gay..and does nothing but positive things regardless of what society might say..but you..a greasy goblin gorilla germ even after being beaten and crawling bout on de ground like a brazillian warthog ,continuing your cuntery….but round 2 gine be end of match….talking bout people wasting your time…we all know you dont have much leff..the pharmacy dont stock what you need…AZT and cocaine arent prescription drugs…talking bout you bleaching…clean your soul first….and those products you using wont work….get muriatic acid ,CLOROX and white lime..perfect for your skin..remember pigs dont have pores…..the ppl who go around you actually deserve what they get…cause they know what you gives and still go..even tho they know beastiallity is wrong …one of these same ppl u fuck up are going to kill you..and 2 sons en gine come for the body…dem gine send the SSA..and straight greenland for your mangy carcass…


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