Anderson Worrell got married

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ANDERSON WORRELL — Naked, in this day and age who gets marry and keeps it a secret?  Well let me shed some light.  At 45 years of age who would marry a woman the same age or younger than his daughter who is around 24.  They say age is just a number.  But we all know illegal Guyanese women marry Bajan men for one thing and that’s STATUS.

Common sense would tell this thieving man whore that you should marry right here in BIM.  You met this young girl in January last year engaged in February and run to Guyana in December all in 2015 to get married.  But the question stands.  Are you divorced from your wife Tricia Worrell??  Why none of your family attended the wedding??  Not even your dearly beloved daughter and grand daughters whom you profess you love so dearly!!

Well I thought when you get marry you live on your own and build a family not shack up at your mother harlet mother Lanthe.  Well Ms Morissa you better pray for your unborn child and hope you don’t miscarriage like the first one and pray none of Anderson’s sins fall on your child.

You really should tell her why you were fired from Hilton Barbados after being there for 10 yrs.  You are a thief!!  And all the workers know that’s why no one backed you in the meeting.  Gone to Coast Bar to work and again your fired!!  Thief again!!  Let see how long Beach One will keep you employed before you thief again and is caught red handed.

So ladies beware of mister sticky fingers who likes to trick women.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. So many of you abuse this website for your own personal gain,especially for revenge. Alot of these stories have no merit & seek to ruin the reputations of people y’all simply dislike for frivolous reasons.The things that you should be worried about you aren’t worried about because you’re so focused on how someone is living THEIR life. So sad.


  2. Marcia,

    Why the only person who could have written it is TRICIA MASCOLL? You people need to stop pointing finger when nuff more pointing back at you, and if she is going to be the talk of Massy today she is not the first and she will not be the last. Them talk about Jesus why them cant talk about her.

    TRICIA MASCOLL hold your head high and dont worry about the bad minded jealous people that will try to pull you down.


  3. You sitting down worrying bout who bestfrens I —— to get a child she rightful father is put she money at st Matthias every month you is get for yours?????worry why u child father don’t own d Lil girl u got. I no my status you no yours???? you ——– best friends, frens, cousins, dozens, police,block men and laughing at d men women but you still on the outside muh girl. I tek picture on the hill wid d rasta man you tek any at the cruise d other day????? Don’t hide behind a fake name and say u a massy worker sweet heart


  4. This story is all lies… It seem a jealous person wrote this why you want to mess up my cousin life why mention the unborn child. Plz remove this story plz its not true.. This man int Marry her for no status they where together longer than this here that person that sent in this need to ask god for forgiveness the sound really bitter, family keep your head high the devil trying to destoy your happy family. Go int sleeping


  5. Amm I don’t care about Anderson Worrell who he married ain’t my business yes we done long ago who I breed for got a lot of you all worried but it aint bothering me and you’re a f—-ing idiot massy full of f—ing cameras why them ain catch me?????? You worried bout my status you should get urs check!!!! I don’t give a f— who at massy talk bout me I don’t sleep at none wanna!!!! So get wanna facts straight!!!!!!


  6. Dear I’m very disappointed of the young lady TRICIA MASCOLL she is the only body could of sent this… Why don’t you leave that man alone you and that man dun 5 years and still you can’t give up what it is that the man have for you and go check for yourself… When you first went to work at massy you use to steal all the things in ya panty… You need to talk bout the man ya was on the hill for the reggae festival that was on here for herpes I wonder why you don’t want none of we at massy know that u have him. He use to pick you up at work go to the Dr get checked. We in massy know all u business’s we don’t check for you men beware of Tricia Mascoll… Yes I family to that girl why u on my cousin so figure out which one u co workers right this here I will post ya pics and the man pics just now….. You breed for a man you did fg best friend you say u gine mess up the man for life wherever he work you gine cal get he fire. You barely hear ppl telling you things yet u covering them… You gine be the talk of massy. Find out which one the police is the real father


  7. Tricia Mascoll you is a bare. Yes you gine be the talk at massy today————–

    THIS COMMENT needs to be cleaned up and reposted


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