Video – Man Being Restrained in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is a video circulating in Barbados which shows a man holding down another man who, allegedly, raped his underage daughter.  No confirmation, just a video and someone in the background talking.  Will update you as more info comes in.   Anonymous


Naked Departure

20 thoughts on “Video – Man Being Restrained in Barbados”

  1. Should read:
    slight error

    The stinking familes and friends of these vile child rapists ALWAYS crawl out of their holes in the ground to disparage child victims and families of the victims of the dirty scum rapists


  2. The stinking familes and friends of these vile child rapists ALWAYS crawl out of their holes in the ground to disparage child victims and families of the dirty scum rapists, even if it’s a 6 month old baby being raped, yall need to stay in your stinking holes in the ground. If the child was so wild and promiscous, why is she supposedly in the hospital, would she not be a cut open cow, immune to roughness. You people are worse than animals to children, you encourge rape of children to protect your fikthy families and friends, the rapists. No wonder the island is sinking into a blighted hole. You encourager of child rape.


  3. Pretty Eye Sue !
    What are you Actually Saying ! I’m Confused of the Nonsense ! You’re Spouting ! across this airwaves ! Dose that give Sick Men ! the wright to RAPE ! CHILDREN !OR ANYONE ,THE ONLY THING WRONG HERE IS THIS ! THE FATHER SHOULD HAVE AMPUTATE ! HIS PENIS ! I WOULDN’T KILL HIM ! EVERY DAY HE HAVE TO FEEL THE MISSING LINK THAT IS ENOUGH TO KILL THE BITC_ H .


  4. That little girl that he allegedly raped is too damn wild and force ripe,her mother isn’t any better,she behaves as disorderly as ever,always cursing and carrying on. Her mother had to be constantly punishing her for pushing up herself to older men and hiding around with them,I’m very very sure this was an ongoing relationship between the young lady and the gentleman being prosecuted,but because shit hit the fan and pressure was applied the victim’s alibi was that she was “raped”. Now I’m not giving all rights to the young man cuz after all she is a minor and he should have known better than to get involved with her but at the end of the day if the parents would train up these teenage girls to be ladies and not street runners, there’s a 70% chance it would have never happened,if she was even raped at all.


    1. That’s very ignorant to say if a man is a man he wouldn’t rape a child. You are part of the problem putting the blame on the girl
      You have so much to say you must have been there


    2. You talking bare c— now, parents could talk to the cows come home, children have them own minds.. However, I wonder if u would say the same thing if um did happen to your child, i sure you would want kill he d say way….he wrong is fuck 2 rape she n he deserve all of he ribs brekking up fuh that, i sorry as c–t some of the men from up dey aint f— he up, he deserve that…. Big ass man go n pick a fare do…


    3. You sound like a fool writing something like that about the child, do you have children, why didn’t he look for someone his age to rape. I feel like throwing when I hear fools like you talking.


    4. No matter how this child behaves no one can condone the statutory rape of 12 year old. You have to live in a sick society to condone any action like this.


  5. I would of kill him cause nothing absolutely nothing is go to come out of this it’s a every day thing ,vacancy for a vigilante must be will to spend time in dodds


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