Vindelle Ifill of Moontown St Lucy

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VINDELLE IFILL — Naked, there is a young lady in Moontown, St. Lucy by the name of Vindelle Ifill (Angel) who robs old men and sleeps with any married man she meets.  She waits until one of the women is out of the island working in Canada or vacationing in the U.S to take the opportunity to visit her house and sleep with her husband Lawrence.

She also brags about how she has never worked in her life and is still able to get a U.S visa.  She does this by getting individuals to sign bogus job letters for her.  She is such a fraud that when one of her cousins passed by her house she shouts her with the name “Fraud”.

Imagine when her mother died at home a friend had to come from St. Peter and tell her that her mother was dead and she lives in the same house.  At the funeral she pretended to be crying and some of her friends were overheard saying that she did not care about her mother and now giving the impression that she was sorrowing.  Even the day her mother died she was all through the house digging up for U.S money which her mother had.  She should be digging up all like now, since the money was given to her brother.

A few months ago she entered her brother’s bedroom and stole his U.S money.  He could not make any noise because she said she would not look at him if he was ill.

Her son Dale along with three of his friends were arrested for guns and drugs, but one of the guys who had one of the guns decided to take the rap for both.  It is believed he still has one as recently he was seen in Clinketts discharging it in the air.

She hides up a lot of things for him and she even stores his drugs in her bedroom because she believes that if the police comes searching, they will not search her bedroom.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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