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Akeem Jones

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AKEEM JONES — Naked, I would like the young girls in Barbados to keep from around a young man by the name of Akeem Jones that live in St. Peter.  He works at Champers Restaurant as a bartender.  I met him several months ago and he seem like a very nice person and he could pretend so good.

Akeem is abusive, controlling and he gave me a disease that cannot be cured.  And at the back of it could hear his child mother complaining he don’t support the little boy but Akeem always on a cruise.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Akeem Jones”

  1. I am a woman and I kno some of us cud lie the child mother wud never ever say he don’t support his child caws it wud b a lye he does support his child and be there for him 24/7 some wunna woman p—y shud of gone Rio for the Olympics fast p—y gal the disease shud of be in ya mout # nusiance


  2. Big long stupse so the man don’t want you so u want to talk c**t bout the man ya p”””y to fast and to the child mother she is a idiot man ain’t want she so she gin talk all sorts of things bout the man the got father’s that don’t check for the children u should be glad u got one to call upon stupid b”””””s


  3. Big long stupseeeee u is a stupid b*h so the man don’t want you so u want to talk ct bout the man ya p***y to fast the child mother is a idiot the got men that don’t even pay the children any mind so she should be glad she got a child father that she could call upon man don’t want wunna so wunna wa got all sort of c**t to talk bout the man stupid b*****s


  4. Wunna p—ies too fast! The men does be liars, dogs, bullers, vacuum cleaners, dead beat fathers and wunna still f##@+g them and as soon as the men don’t notice wunna nuh more wunna all bout d place talking a whole lotta f@$#?y bout them. Stupse do!


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