Corruption in Antigua, Red Cross

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Dear Naked Departure, Antigua’s authorities are corrupt and one company bribed the government and our friend’s family is prevented from leaving for her home country.  We found all conspired, they hid/disappeared, produced fake documents/stories and lied to foreign governments, police agencies and UN agencies.  They even prevented our friend’s family to talk to other people because of the psychological threat from them.  They have exploited and they did a drama the family did not want to leave.  If the family did not want to leave why they lie?  Why they extend visa?  Why they gave visa to illegal worker?  Why they lied to all governments and police agencies?  We all know they made like a terrorist by brainwashing.
Antigua’s red cross is number one corrupt too doing from inside we heard that.  All created drama. Red Cross could help by talking to the government and our friend’s family to connect to the family or our government but Antigua red cross is also corrupt. Red Cross says it is a non political impartial organization, but Antigua’s red cross is more corrupt than their government.  We hear for 20$ authorities eat dog poo we think Antigua’s red cross bosses eat dog poss for 2$.
Saying one thing but doing other thing?  Corrupt in the name of red cross working as puppet of the corrupt government?  They did not like our friend’s nice requests now our turn those get our answers because they are wanting.  We continue and invite media also. You executives of the central office take action or you also need our answer? Tell us.  Red cross could safely release our friend’s family and return to home country but they worked for the corrupts and prevented from leaving because they are supporting those corrupts. They supposed to know how to convince all parties and return our friend’s family for only a short visit but they do not know any techniques, skills or any anything? They just sit and sit only collect salary by working for corrupt government staff?
If you can send this message to their government.   In our side all police organizations and international organizations and big countries but only corrupt Antigua red cross and  government.  Anonymous and Alleged
Naked Departure

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  1. Sounds like the corrupt Barbados Red Cross ran by the jackass who has been there for years begging and stealing donations.


  2. This is one rambling post, its yet to tell the story , why was this family prevented from leaving Antigua ?. All its saying is the Red Cross corrupt


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