Eldred aka Suga from Halls Village, St. James

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ELDRED aka SUGA — Dear Naked, first let me compliment the great job you are doing.  Naked, I need you to publish this one for me to let me get little peace at mind.  This old, big belly, pregnant, bulling parasite for an online predator feel he can ease and f**k all the women pun earth but Naked, it bong to come out especially when he got glass windows and want to clean other people own.

I does shun this man by going through the back and every time he see me he always looking at me laughing and telling the fellas out here how I going by my man and we foolish together.  Naked all because he once tell a friend have to get my p**sy but not this I don’t want no bulling d**ky keep it for those three or four women you does ease in.  Since his mother pass away he gone rampant with the women.  You see he runs a valet shop by he and when the people drop off the cars before he do the work he can be seen on his phone then he gone till later or a different woman shows up shop closed and them gone inside.

I does see when the bedroom windows open from a friend house.  Yes everybody out here talking bout your lifestyle.  You also f**k a lot of young boys and give them brand name clothes and shoes to party.

It is clear this dog carry more than fleas the way he moving.  Talk bout the taxi man that horn your ass with the girl you had.  You see if you  use to treat her kind she would not have given you that horn that cause you to have the nervous break down.  That made you take up residence New York for a while cause you learnt shortly after the taxi man have HIV.

Talk bout your daughter in Haynesville that all then men given sweet talk and f**ing for free.  Opps or don’t let me call the names of the two that you caught her given head.  Yes leave me alone you know for everybody and not yourself I can continue but leave the rest for part two…laugh and talk now.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

27 thoughts on “Eldred aka Suga from Halls Village, St. James”

  1. One word.. Bisexual i know him from school days st. James secondary he goes both ways. Upto now he brags about how much women he bulls and how much women he picks up. He can be seen also with numerous young boys.


  2. Good Afternoon
    Eldred is a weak guy who enjoys hitting women. He had a nice girl about 12 years ago, who took him to court for spilting her lip. She prayed for him and his wicked ways. I am not to sure about the guy life, but because his ways he can’t keep a women. Child mother from st.George trick he so bad. When David Thompson died, her mother said it should of been him.
    He has a serious problem, but don’t speak about his daughter, she is a slow learner but she will bare the pain from her wicked father.


    1. Naked
      .i don’t these people in the story but i am goin to put in my two cents
      It seems this man is some what trouble to even comment about this lady and her son and now want his comments disregard then stating he apologize to her man get off thos page you hve so much women you dont know who to blame. If i were her o wouls spit on you

      She seem to have good character in raising a son who became a doctor but made a bad choice in trustong this monster for a man.


  3. I actually felt bad About what the writer piblished here about your daughter at first. But not now after learning how nasty you are i don’t. You hurt people boy children With your gay ways ans God bless you with a daughter and look what curse have fallen on her.. An eye for an eye. The sins of the father fall on the child.


    1. This writer is just a very disappointed woman,if she had not let sugar f— her so soon an much in that short space of time she would not be in this depressing state right now.You open your legs too easy for men.just the same way u been f— with all those Manager at KFC Bond house in Salters.an those guys that lime on the Block in St Patricks.you gives good s– but the strong smell of your c– was really kicking.


    2. Ya no what wrong wa wunna women,wunna p—- too fast,u only meet d man a couple weeks ago online an in no time your legs was open,now u disappointed cuz all he wanted was a f—-an he got plenty now leave you to sit an write to Naked.Poor you .


      1. Joe… I know exactly who you are cause besides the women all wanna does alnd plan for he f—-ing you too but i feel sorry for you with your inleuido cause suga cant f— and will never f—k me. If you sure he met me online why do i have so much on hjm why he cant venture back far north cause he will get licks like peas cause he get run out from down there the sbite he was doin.. But i waiting like everyone else to see the pictures with you, him and the little boys.


      2. If y wasn’t so lonely u won’t had resort to the online dating site, that were u met Sugu an the f—ing started.you are sore loser,go an mind ya bulling nasty gay Doctor Son,why u didn’t tell Naked he was one he Doctors got in the act that was goin around on Facebook recently.poor you.


    1. He’s a bisexual I know him really well. He has been bulling my gay friend since school. My friend was in 4th when they started bulling. He really like young boys. My friend also they had group sex with him and more young boys youngest being 14 .
      My friends has pictures but don’t want to share them because other persons faces would be reveal.

      Trust me I will be back with hard evidence


  4. This man is really nasty in truet i met in online he goes by the name Randall B cant recall what the B stands for seems he goss by many names.. Fraudy we met one Thursday night at Q in the Community early june this year he tried to gst me drunk so f— me but it did not work he deserve what the wrtter did. Kudos to you.


  5. But if I got aids, and I gave your man brand name shoes he wear out last month to the cruise, where does that leave you. Stop peeping at my windows do and bring the thing over here again do…


    1. Sugar you bad with this one but you have to be clear whivh thing you need ect.. The man bottom for the shoes he had for the cruise or her p—y she aint giving you.. Lol




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