Felix Callenders gone with people’s meeting money

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FELIX CALLENDERS — Dear Naked, first thing first keep up the good work that you are doing in letting we the minority get a chance to air our views and concerns.

My concern comes about a man who works at PAHO (Pan American Health Organisation) his name is Mr. Felix Callenders.  It has been about 6-9 years now I have been trying to get the people meeting money from him he owes $2,900.00.  He joined this meeting I was running and as soon as he collected his turn he stopped paying.  I went about trying to get it back I tried calling his work place and would you believe that he was the one who answered the switch board and pretended that he was not at work.  When I told him I knew his voice and it was he who I am talking to he cut me off and ever since I keep trying to get back the people’s money to no avail — it was no use.

I got through to a supervisor and asked her if it was nothing she could do to help me get back my money she said because it was of a personal nature so she could not get involved.  Well Mr. Callenders, who use to live in The Pine who had a short rasta girl named Nicole and who use to live in St. James with his sister and her husband and child.  Now he has his own house in Waverly, Black Rock St. Michael.

Felix Callenders gone with people’s su su

Being dishonesty does not pay, please to bring back the people’s money because I will have to bring out part two about you.  Thank you ND.  Without you this would not of been made possible.  I will try to get a picture of him for part two.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “Felix Callenders gone with people’s meeting money”

  1. I am alledgedly accused not charge with human trafficking and felix callendar knows the truth I dont have any reason to publicly lie about $2900 he did not buy his house in waverly when he owed me so he and whoever wants to say what they want about me he owes me and he needs to pay me its the right thing to do all he has to do is pay or as he said he dont owe me come to my face and tell me I live the same place.


  2. You know how I know Felix got de people ,he did an injustice to de country looked he raised a nasty mouth daughter ya did a bad job ,ya got de money.


    stop lying on me cause you all get find out about bringing in girls to sell thier self in bridget club…. human trafficers….if you do not stop telling lies on me i will go to the police and tell them what ik this was about 15 years ago…. all of us pine boys use to be in the clubs so we know whats going on…… life was good back then……you try to f–k me up and tell the people the truth and dont tell no lies about no meeting ….if you put anything about me again i will go tot the police and tell them everything i know about you and manti and how the girls get in and out of barbados we were friends back then you get charge my friend get kill and i keep off of town


  4. amelia joseph and amnti tell the truth and stop trying to mess me up or i will call the police and let them know wanna bring in girls to work in bridget bar….. so stop it now or i will bring the cat out the bag so stop it ……or i would tell the police everything i know and the customs officer that help wanna …..15yrs ago you try to f–k me up and i get you first …..tell the truth human trafficer c–t


  5. Stainless Steel !

    Ya Sounding real Good ! Aa Like ya Bad Man Stance , ya real Radical ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Backing ya ! That’s what I talking bout !


    1. hush ya c–t you know sain bout my father c–t like you thats bay lies my father never was in a meeting yet stupseeeeeee f–king idiots…..this is is rsl daughter if you have sain to say contact me let me cuss you


  6. Felix, you gine be alive, watching my Rottweilers eat your doggie and other body parts. Just give her back the 2900.00 back Felix or what you gone get is your own fault. This is my first warning to predators, pedophiles, rapist, women beaters,drug dealers and gang bangers. Do not inflict on regular Barbadians, what you do not want to feel yourselves. I am watching as people mistreat the elderly, the very young, and those with disabilities. At the appropriate time, I will act, it will be swift the likes of which Barbados has never seen. Barbados’s worst, you have time to change your wicked ways. Absent changing your ways, predators, pedophiles, rapist,woman beaters, gang bangers, no police force in Barbados or anywhere, no prayers, and no begging for mercy will help you. I have warned you, this is the first of three such issuances, be warned, there will only be two more.


    1. you ya stupid c–t this is his daughter the f–king girl that post this is a human trafficer this is a scandal a–hole all a wanna is c–ts someone post sain wanna want to believe it f–king a–es ….. she does help traffic women and bring them to sell them self and i will call the f–ing police and she will go back to prision and as for you f–k with my father then you gine know the full wrath of hell f–king parasite


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