Jamaican Battyboi Tiffany

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TIFA_COUTOURE — Wa gwan Naked  Departure.  Wi fi gla ya expose dat dutty battywasha Tiffany, Jamaica mi  cum from n hay inna de community back home rejoicing de bammy battyboi Tiffany xposa.  Dat  tire a big thief back hay n Kingston and wi ran he out he can’t come back inna we bombacluat.  Tiffany deadly and full of de virus  de battyboi  cum from obeah family.

Mi as was de dutty gal former close friend back home but gal do mi wrong.  As I get whem she ah rest she bloodcluat head in Barbados I going fi send ya.  Hopefully de baje immigration send she back let de real bad gals in Jamaican flood herrr wid d ranphkin licks.  Give Dat battyboi de beating she ah owed.  Ah just got a message from a Bajan friend it um stayant in some pickney room apartments in Suttle Street Reed Street area.


Tiffany long time know he yute blood stink and that is why Dem Bajan women getting sick.  Mi nah promote de spreading of sickness if any Bajan got friends in immigration tell them where Tiffany is she they illegal an ah sell um pop down body.   Bad gal Jamaican

Naked Departure

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