Marisa Hunte

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, first let me say great job!  You don’t lie.  Most women here in Barbados get or got STI’s/STD’s.  And sometimes if you don’t know, your husband/man would come home and juk a bottle of pills in your face and tell you to tek them.  That’s how you know something up.  These men ain’t no use!

But, let me expose Marisa Hunte.  When she approaches men she fails to mention that she is sick.  She should keep her sick self to her child father only and stop infecting other men.  Let’s not forget that the baby daddy has to keep the child while she goes ‘liming’ as she says.  Yes Marisa we know that’s a lie.  That’s why he doesn’t keep him.

Stay home with your child and be a better mother.  He isn’t even 1-year-old yet and her nasty self has infected many men.  We are watching you Marisa.  Get yourself organised and healthy.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Marisa Hunte”

  1. you need to get a life and stop scandling the girl name we all know its should b d last to talk about people d man tired of your old worn out dry out p—y d man got someone with class. you alway using the little boy to call he fadda and tell hime he wants to see him then u jumpingnin d man car like ah shameless little girl….sleeping on the floor in d man house and want to have talk for people…look out for your story coming soon.


  2. Dis person dat write dis story have it really bad,it seems she Neva had any love at all ,i really hope dat one day u will really finds someone dat will love u,n wat u really needs ta do is ta learn ta tek ah dun,d man is over u n found someone new so please leave d girl alone n find ur life ,very sad person


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