Canon Goodridge

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Canon Goodridge, you and your church the Anglican Church are abject failures.  How on earth can you ever help with gun violence in Barbados, when you in the church are bulling people children?  The problem in Barbados is not only gun violence, but it is also you pedophile priests, who are predators and mostly pedophiles.

Your photo opt with that do nothing Minister is primarily why the youth in Barbados will never trust you.  So you can forget about the Anglican church ever helping anyone again, they have created the class system in Barbados, and the inequality from which the masses suffer.   Bajan Rebel

Naked Departure (Photo Credit: Nation/Ricardo Leacock)

9 thoughts on “Canon Goodridge”

  1. Pa you are an idiot of the highest order clearly the thought of men bulling excites you sorry to disappoint you that’s not my style a man could never excite me to that point but I’m sure it would excite you believe it or not there’s still straight men around I happen to be one of them but if bulling is your thing go right ahead with your nasty self despicable you you’re probably here on ND looking to pick up men but you’re barking up the wrong tree try Thomas Harris he said he’s reformed but once a buller always a buller carry on smartly now you cockroach


  2. Ask that misfit Kellyann, why he classes does be foggy, after he fool den young girls at St Lucy Secondary. I use to work there, and he use to be all over DE school after hours, and bringing young impressionable school girls to he shop.


  3. Hey watch you language that’s my personal friend never heard about him bulling no one I know he likes young p–sy but no buller as far as I know lol my friend Curtis


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