Faith Melanie Beckles from Dash Valley

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FAITH MELANIE BECKLES-CRICHLOW — Naked, people who live in glass house should not throw stones.  Faith Melanie Beckles-Crichlow  is a pro at this.  She likes  to talk about people air out dem business and forget that she got dirt  so why not talk about the fact you love married men fx xxxxx home wrecker like 5 inch small big up Dwight or the old ass man look near 60  support you and ya 3  children but  still got a young boy coming there plus  2 others with cars that does bring the bags of groceries.

Clean your smelly house don’t know how a man could come dey and fxxx you in a dirty house guess he has no class either.  Talk bout why you does smoke so much weed and drinking with ya black ass lips got 3 children from 3 different men and only like Imani your precious who cant be left alone  tell people why?  Afraid of something Faith of what you will find next.

Poor girl does has a history or Daemon or Demon he should be called wicked as Fxxx from day one  well maybe if you didnt poision Shawn left him with a stroke  things will be different don’t you think so poor man look like a retard and his child gets treat like a cast out.

Why you does turn up ya face when people ask about your mother or say you are the splitting image of she but love your father to death old wutless dead d**ky old man like nuff young girls funny thing how life switches up you look like her but have no class or morals like her you like ya dirty father Imani look like you and  turning out to be the same.

Talk about why you did f**ping the boss and still get fired for teking up the man money like if you p**sy  that good, you are a big p**sy whore.  Fxxxx bout with all kinda men big shot politician, lawyers  policemen rich men fXXX all kinda women and still you house run down ya don’t have nothing to show for the years on this earth.

I saw one she ex in town about 6 weeks ago and I does tease him about her sometimes he say he would never go back around her, she does be bout town late at night getting FXXX by a married man a taxi does drop she.   So really how much men you got not to mention a government vehicle I see outside dey.  Come on Faith brawl that out  time to  talk about why a school girl can be sleeping out and f**ping but you know how wutless other teenage girls are.  Talk about the man does come there late at night the strange man we see in the neighbourhood that like he get run away already.  But play you have a better than  anybody attitude and so lied, de woman does tell so much lies just fah talk and like giving advice.

Find ya own man clean ya house mind ya children stop so much smoking and get rid of that big guts ya got.   Always with talk you had a hard  life.  If you had sense you would be further stop fXXXXXX about for free you don’t value your body we know this but at least make it work for you so much men pass through you and none has improved your condition.  What that telling you you are not but a fxxx  they don’t care about you  but if a man see a woman had no standard don’t suppose he thinks he has to do anything for you why not do like everybody else fxxx and move on these are just a few of the things you should be talking about Faith.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Faith Melanie Beckles from Dash Valley”

  1. Faith like too much drama she does talk too much and to blasted lied talk just for conversation . She talks all over she face but shame now that she business in de open. Damn home wrecker She need to keep de lil boy de married man from coming around she house all 12 and 1 in de morining stop smoking so much clean she house n stuck to one man now I have a surprise coming as soon as my friend back at work I gine have more info name and ting naked let’s see what Faith gine say plus she need to ask she friend n own family how people know bout she all she doings we don’t come in she house to know who does come go or that it nasty


  2. LOL she put up d girl name and it int d girl dat say nan about her lol dat is y d girl call d police fa she rass lol she is to watch who she call her family and friends cause dem is d one wlkin bout n tlkin she name first she child is who put up bear shit bout d girl dat is bear lizes cause she int like d girl now she o rass i dont speak to d girl but i dont c she in nan wanna to stupied u suld stop gun by Fred n tlkin she bizzness lol all i can do is lol




  4. Greetings….I am Faith Melanie Beckles Crichlow…. iza Bajan & my mouth ain’t go not cover. As my mother would always say to me , ” Melanie,your mouth is going to be the death of you”… maybe, but at least I speak the truth. I have a very strong feeling the coward that wrote this articunt about me is none other than Necoh Waithe of Dash Valley, St George…my next door neighbor. Probably because she thinks I wrote the artitruth about her…I didn’t btw coz if I did…it would have been worse… (I’m telling yuh) but I’m about peace and love… if I am wrong, Necoh Waithe, I apologize. NOW… to the matter at hand !!! I am no saint… none of us are… this letter was based on hate & propaganda to humiliate/destroy me … an then splattered on the Internet without knowledge of truth… (though it had minor elements of it)… I am a single mother of three, I try my best. I give my best. I do my best. I am a good person. I was even good to said Necoh Waithe. I thought of her as a little sister. …. This letter could damage my children’s childhood from being teased or taunted etc….prevent me from getting work/ damage my carrer…destroy my relationship with my partner and probably a plethora of other repercussions including damaging my mental and physical health…This is wicked as fcuk!!! … you actually accused me of attempted murder….. that is ……. slanderous!!! You want locking up. That is a serious allegation… but I have no proof to lock your Lil ass up for defamation of character. Loooookkkk!!! I had so many r holes & effings to put in this reply but I know my Grandmother is going to see this.. so I’m being good…sigh… you say I’m smelly? Lol… that’s funny coz I know a thieving girl that her mouth LITERALLY smells like a ‘boxie’… but dat ain’t nunna my business doah & no name no blame no lock up O_o….. I would never have done this to anyone ! Not even you… Yanno it’s funny how people go to church every Sunday and come out holier than thou…yet they’re hearts and minds are infested with negativity and being delighted in other people’s misfortunes or mistakes. One of these good days when you put your hands up in the church they won’t come back down….and that statement is for all hypocrites and parasites… bug off!!! And for those that commenting on shit you all don’t know about… get a life and get facts !!! … to all my fans & haters out there… I love you…lol…Faith Melanie Beckles Crichlow


  5. How come we bashing her and not the man or men she feeling with. He is just as much to blame as her. He himself has no respect for his God ,wife or marriage .in woek wirh some men they married and have 2 and 3 women funny thing is each woman thinks she is the only one or maybe the first when one not there the other pass by and these guys does feel l like mins fxxx so many women. If beg had time for you trust he had for others .one guy tell the women he getting a divorce cause he fxxks and move they tell the women nuff less on theither wives just to gey puxxy so men are just as much dog as these woman. So when wunna going cuss out de women cuss de men too


  6. Jusy last week I ended up cussing a girl at work she got a woman husband and died brag about it the man dis tell she all he wife business. How de fxxk a man get talking about his wife with his side bitch that is disrespectful I wonder if these men know when they confide their wife business in these women dem does tell their friends. Oh we don’t have sex, she is nag me, we don’t get along,I sleep in a spare room, I beg she press a pants she say no nuff c— talk uf the wife hot a yeast infection she does know,.she know where de woman woek look like everything ib had to say look this cunt fah me doe I know one sweet day if two of them break and it in bad terms boy sh e got nuff to tell that woman. They married men that walking about aint no good and the women that dealing with them jusy as stinking as the woman say some body d found tell he wife and she should poison he cxxt. Left de married men alone


  7. I have no respect for women like her de man she got should leff she .De married man she f–ng he wife should poison he or better yet faith could since she in the business already. And send he home to he wife foaming damn nasty dogs wunna is


  8. You see all of you that writing about this lady
    I am a woman and if she was my friend
    And i care about her
    I would have told her
    Listen Faith i cared about you
    Its time you change your life
    Your home need cleanig and if you want help i will help you
    This is what true friends do
    And if you offer her help to guide her and she refuses then you will know at least you offer her help instead of degrading her more


  9. it’s interesting to see how recently we keep hearing about all these women who dealing with married men. come on ladies have you no class look at this woman a nice looking lady , faith why are you degrading yourself by dealing with someone husband cant you do any better and the old man that look after your children why keep him around if you know you going be fxxx about the place its clear you just like the help form him. you women digust me to be honest just take your bodies and knock it around like nothing. you have a daughter are you going to tell her its ok to fxxx someone husband and yoir son he doesn’t need to be faithful to his wife, tell me at Christmas is he going to take you to family dinner, is he going to take you out for your birthday buy you nice things,is he going to take you around his family or is your relation just based on the fact that you have pxxxy woman hold up your head if you have a drop of dignity left in you.


  10. It just a matter of time. Faith is a nice person will give her last for a fact but has alot to answer for . She has done some things in her past much if which is in this letter which is sad, I know her personally and she has a don’t carish attitude. We all do things but just know that your past follows and they are people out there who will not let you forget yours


  11. I been in some pit toilets that smell better than that woman house. She really need to tek care a she self and she children. I use to geh dry and fool she,but DE place to nasty, and she body odor is disgusting. She smell like a fish market.


  12. Omg whew wuh loss is there anything good about this woman that you know of? I’m sure you were once close time to kiss and make up maybe you can guide her in the right direction




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