Grantley Griffith: Prison and the Lesser Crime

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GRANTLEY GRIFFITH — Naked, keep up the excellent work.  I admire your strength.  Naked, rules in the prison are so twisted.  There was a  Prison Officer name Grantley Griffith who claimed to be a pastor.  He made a clean escape through the prison gate leaving with thousands of dollars he was being paid for cxcs that he never had.  I don’t know how he did it but he tricked even Personnel Administration Division.  I take off my hat, pants and shoes to him.  He right to trick them cause they are educated jackasses.

This officer would leave work often claiming to be going classes which he was not very often.  Why was this hushed up, maybe because it made the prison bosses look stupid which they rightfully are anyhow.

Hello, officer RJ CLARKE who is still working all now, claimed to lost very important prison keys.  You want to know how he said them lost, he went on the toilet with them in his pocket and they got flushed.  He probably was shitting keys.  Now the prison had to bring in an expensive equipment with a camera to check for those keys which  never surfaced.  When I last check lost  keys in a Prison are an extremely serious breach of security.  Those  keys were cell and quod keys name it of course the locks had to be replaced.

The person that made a comment before in John Nurse favour is an ass because if he was a real officer and not a boy SCOUT he would have understood the seriousness of PRISON KEYS.  Oh boy now how the hell did that happen.  Let us compare FRAUD, TRICKERY, UNCENSORED LETTERS, PHOTOS who should have been remanded?

Ask the bosses.  They are the ones that decided it is better to be punished for the lesser crime.  Officers, the next time the office staff take out money without your permission, remain like mannequins.

If I lie about these things, challenge me!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  2. @RJ

    Ok, if we must. You incorrectly assumed, for example, that I said paying back loans is exploitation. I never said that, and the comment I made was not specific to srlf or loans period, just it happened to be posted on that particular story. It’s my opinion of the general approach of prosecution of the poor FIRST while ignoring what the big ups have done, and done for so long. It’s right there in black and white. So, rather than focus on denying things I never said and sidetrack the blog with an off topic discussion, I simply left it alone. I don’t feel the urge to justify my opinion to you or anyone else. I am saying the same thing here that I was trying to say there. The top needs fixing FIRST. Wrongs need to be addressed in proper order. I don’t owe any loans to srlf and I never defaulted on a loan either, but given the structure of things here and the unjust practices I have sympathy for the poor criminals like how you and the rest have sympathy for the rich ones. They get to be respected model citizens despite huge crimes, million and billion dollar crimes, yet get to throw small criminals under the bus. It’s all crime, it’s all wrong, but only one set paying the price, and I see something very wrong with that. If the top isn’t being prosecuted, how is it fair to prosecute anyone? They are the head ones who should be clean. My opinion has not changed.


    1. I do NOT have sympathy for rich people who are thieves and this goes right back to the point I made earlier about some people who are unable to understand what they read. I stated that both rich and poor who steal should be made to pay back unlike you who is partial saying poor people who do not repay the loan should not be made to do so.


    2. Your comment was well appreciated. The statement made was not directed at you. It was to a Tommy from the John Nurse and Decarlo Payne article I am in absolute aggrement with what you are saying .Read the above article again my point is to prove that they are allowing the big crimes to be swept under the carpet .


  3. Writer I have had experiences with the one Grantley Griffith years ago and that is exactly how he operates. He is a liar, fraud, thief, you name it. He even claimed once that as a “pastor” he was chosen to go to the Netherlands for a conference and the church was responsible for paying but I doubt that story is true because that small church cannot afford to pay for such an expensive venture. He refused to pay his rent stating he was not being paid from his job and even went as far as to install a whole plumbing system to accommodate a washing machine even though the contract outlined not to. He left the property owing thousands of dollars. This bastard want stopping in his tracks and I hope people read this so they would know not to deal with this dirty low-down scoundrel. Thiefing people like he want a bullet to the head.


    1. Your comment was well appreciated. The statement made was not directed at Tommy from the John Nurse and Decarlo Payne article. I am in absolute aggrement with what you My point is to prove that they are allowing the big crimes to be swept under the carpet .


  4. We need to weed out all the useless employees at the prison. It cost the tax payers 30,000 per year for each inmate. Get your act together and stop this public servant “gemme” behaviour.


    1. Weeding out the useless employees and not weeding out who puts them there through nepotism/favouritism, politics, favours (sexual and otherwise) etc. means they will be just be replaced by more useless ones over time, and the wheels will just keep turning. Any improvement will only be temporary. When the head is bad the body can only follow. Good luck to all who think any of these problems with these so-called institutions can be fixed from the bottom up.


      1. Wow, I am surprise you think useless employees need weeding out! Is this the same person who thinks thieves who default on their Student Revolving Loan Fund should not pay back. Wow!


    2. I glad you made that statenent i agree with you because JOHN NURSE and DECARLO PAYNE are the first two USELESS. Who fault it is that it is costing tax fares $30.000 Tommy
      They have decided to give people more years in prison for drugs than MURDER. Theses criminal leave for a short vacation and then murder AGAIN. Goverment like that. People families have to grieve for loved ones for years and unexpected loans for burials come on man. We have an IDIOT GOVERMENT who takes piority as day as THE CONEY ISLAND


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