In Case of Emergency: Get Niggers!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — A nigger, for purposes of this blog, means dark skin (including Hispanic and Indian) people from, directly or indirectly, African heritage.  How stable are you in an event of great global destabilization?  In case of emergency, get niggers!

There can be no doubt in my mind (not even if I tried), based on living and the living experiences of many people, that should there be a catastrophic event which necessitated the rebuilding of America and other areas of American interests, that niggers would again be enslaved.

The best niggers would (or should) be plucked from the Caribbean and the American south (including Mexico and Central America).  Depending on the graveness/gravity of the emergency, West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal) would be the next safest place to get niggers from for rebuilding.


So what are we to believe?  That no one (from the nigger community) has ever thought of this ever becoming a reality?  That niggers just cling to Bibles and ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ that all remains well with the world (despite the prophetic spirit of history)?  The fact that post-slavery niggers never got their act together to preclude such a rancid idea ever materializing in their future is the fault of ‘others’?

In case of Emergency: Get Niggers!


Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency: Get Niggers!”

  1. Are we going to let that “Nigga in our house,” Calvin? You mean to tell me, “That nigga gonna sleep on our sheets.”I is a slave suh, a no good nigga likes me can Neva hafa a soul.Massah, we house gine bun down? No Freundel, you stupid nigga, Wat did I tell you bout reading? Niggas never read,I puts out an eye, fe a reading nigga, Freundel. You been a house nigga to long Freundel, we need to send to to the field, with the other field niggas, Fumble. Massah, but I loves you, I do anything fe you Massah. I even tells on the other niggas, like dat nigga Ronald Jones, and dat nigga Chris Sinckler.


  2. I for one has ,why don’t black come together?is there a reason?we always say it’s our it really our pass ?
    I Think we need motivation ,when it come to standing up we are very layback,people sit back and think how to get rich and this Barbadian society is a playing field for such.its sad we are gullible when whites speak and they could be speaking shit and we are hypnotized,and churches are doing this too most of the time they themselves don’t have a clue of what they speak but we nodding in agreement ,jackass we are.
    Politician are selling our soul to the devil our country is been sold to the white meganeares that’s how masa days will revisit itself upon us ,we might not see it but our grands would.
    This crop of political educated fool I calll them destroying the work that the pioneers fought blood for .Just to get a suvs yachts and women all because ya can’t stand the memories of ya mother carry de down basket on she head ,but ya don’t care ya grand child been rape by masa every night when de mistress tiered .Sometime I am glad I am uneducated.


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