Lavere Thompson of Republic Bank

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, once again Republic Bank makes the news.  Lavere Thompson is popular with the slim red girls and for getting people fired.  He promises them jobs if they make him ‘happy.’ Ms Trudy Howard who makes everyone’s lives miserable.

They say the staff must have a degree but she just got a diploma.  Mr Darrel Wilson, everybody can’t wait to get away from him.  And Sandra Wallerson looks like a lady but everyone knows she sc**wed her way to the top of the ladder and succeeded in getting people fired.  And the staff work their asses off to get nothing in return.

I glad she get me fire.  This is to let she know I get a job now afta she get me fired but what goes around does always come around.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Lavere Thompson of Republic Bank”

  1. Republic Bank is a very toxic place to work Trinidadians never give you a fair trial. Working for Indian Trinidadians there are not sure if they black or white. Lavere will continue to feed them with alot of lies but don’t waste time on revenge those that hurt you will eventually face their own Karma. His wife is probably not aware that she getting horn time and time again. Don’t worry Darrel Wilson needs to stop going into the bank’s system and feeding people information remember what goes around comes around maliciousness is a curse. Just how he betrayed Christopher someone will betray him. I was glad when they move him from Limegrove. If the bank would stop listening to these managers and start investigating them they might do a better job. Trudy Howard will never change she has always been a brown nose for management. Every dog those have they day these managers set you up so that they can get rid of you that is why i am very careful in there.


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