The Facade of Julia Chamberlain-Hanschell

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JULIA CHAMBERLAIN-HANSCHELL — Naked, anyone who has tuned into Mixed 96.1 is probably familiar with a weekly morning segment by Julia Chamberlain-Hanschell. Always talking all excited about education and child development.  Well she does state key components and has established a very forwarded and advanced private school.  Julia herself is no more than a money hoard who would risk abandoning her own children for selfish motivations.

Julia was once married to a Barbadian business man and had several children with this man.  He was ever so kind as to let her use his office to offer after-school lessons.  This seemingly sound marriage came to an abrupt end.  Julia then started a partnership with the granddaughter of a prominent Caribbean businessman.  They started a school together one the other ladies property.  Julia acted/currently acts as principal.  With her partner resigning from vice principal.  Well she claimed she resigned for family issues, it is quite obvious Julia is a very stubborn, selfish lady and there was a riff in communication due to Julia’s behaviour.

Julia saw the school concept was doing well, and went ahead to expand the school w/out consulting her partner.  In the constructions period, Julia got a quote from a solar panelist and even had him order solar panels out of pocket.  She then turned around and hired a cheaper company using the panels the other company paid for neglecting to pay them.  Ever year she raises the fees and makes a steady profit, enough to renovate her house and make multiple trips overseas annually during the school year.

This woman’s behaviour could ruin a very innovative school.  She even dabbled with resigning from the principal.  She is so corrupt she offers subsidized fees. Dropping thousands of the school bill if you pay in cash and in full, a bill which can run about US12,500 for a yr.  She even has a disgusting habit of smoking on school premises even though she placed no smoking signs around the school.  Her behaviour caused her own daughter to resign from the school and move in with her father.

She is doesn’t pay her teachers over the holidays unless they come in and teach vacation school.  She would scream in staff meetings and won’t allow others to speak.  She is known to favourite certain families. Having denied a child entry from the school for supposed drug use but allowing another child entry with that same issues as his father is the CEO of a company.  She even has children blocked from moodle and exam results for unpaid school fees.  This is fishy because exam cost paid upfront before a child can sit an exam.

Be careful with this snake, she has a way with words but she is truly cold-hearted and is only in if for money. She would play nice but turn as soon as you’re seen as a liability.  She also has racist/socialist undertones.  It was rumoured certain white families didn’t pay school fees.  Julia has founded a great school and perhaps did have a good vision.  But she has a no visor between her personal and opinion and professionalism.  All I’m saying is be aware of who you give your money to.  Everything that shines isn’t gold.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. This is slander. Who are you people to judge with such nasty words?? I do not believe what I just red. Julia has always been very nice to my child and he loved her school like no other school out there! And when we ran into really hard times, she and her school looked after him and even took care of food and entertainment for him! Whoever wrote all the above, shame on you. We have a first hand experience with owing thousands to the school and we were never kicked out and no exam WAS EVER DENIED! Lockerby College is the best school in Barbados and the haters should look within themselves and repent.


  2. I know Julia and this “anonymous” author has been incredibly misinformed. You are nothing more than a troll hiding behind a computer screen, trying to tear a good and honourable woman down.

    Shame on anyone who believes and perpetuates this garbage.


  3. Wow lol she ain’t ripping off nobody if you stupid enough to take your children there you also need remedial classes as well so enroll and make it a family affair


  4. Julia hates anyone with colour in them. This is a fact. She is a racist. She think she is God’s gift to education. I know she may hate me for saying all this on ND but I could not care. The best decision that her former husband and attorney John Hanschell ever made was leaving this miserable woman to herself. I’ll pray for her.


  5. I always heard about this scam Learning For Life that helps no one yet costs money. Did not know they are still around after all these years of uselessness.

    What’s wrong with ministry officials and people on the island. Shut her down.


  6. This woman is an absolute fraud and scam. She had Ministry of Education officials (including bulling Ronelle Jones) getting bribes from her for years so they ignore what she is doing. Pas by on a Friday evening after the children are gone and see who comes to collect their US money from her and you would be shocked. She charges different prices depending on your skin colour and who she thinks you are in society. No self-respecting teacher stays there long, nor do the maids, canteen staff or gardeners. Her parter in crime is an ugly old bat that is Alan Sheppard from Spice and Company’s sister. She spends a lot of time crying down the local schools to bait parents into paying her high fees to send her children there. Then she makes them write a set of stolen tests (more on that later) and marks them so hard that the children do horribly. This is so she can convince you that your child needs her help and that the school teachers are not doing anything. She then makes you feel that you have abandoned your child unless you fork out a fortune to pay her. If the child is blackish looking or the parents seem poor, she puts the child off on one of her lackey white trash teachers; if the child’s parents are rich or white she would get one of those dried up housenigger teachers (who are actually the best ones except for that old Trini disaster Roslyn Ward) to teach them so that they can get a reasonable grade. She rips off the CXC by sending her croneys like that El Daher woman (husband is a tiefing lawyer -n never go to him) to workshops where they steal the material and the exam papers and brings them back saying that the foolish black people at CXC can’t do her one thing. The prices of the educational material are ridiculous. This old whore Hanscheel needs stopping she is robbing too many gullible people who need help for their children. LEARNING FOR LIFE/LOCKERBIE COLLEGE in Brittons Cross Road is the best scam since Jim Jones and Clico.


  7. Julia is poor white trailer park hurricane bait, white trash. She snort’s cocaine, smokes cigarettes, and most times smells like a wilderbeast. If she had friends, you could ask them if I am lying. So anyone who sends their children to her school, has to be retarded or stupid. I could teach my kids bad vices by myself.


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