Leroy Cave

Leroy Cave of Shae Belle Salon in Tudor Street

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked this is a picture of a man that I want all women to be aware of.  He is a womanizer, a cheater, a liar and a manipulator.  His name is Leroy Cave he works at a salon name Shae Belle Salon in Tudor Street.  He plays pool for the pool technician sports and pool club and he also plays pool in Marhill Street in Silverfox.

This man manipulate woman,  he lies and cheats on them, he has a woman name Rachel Bailey that lives in St. Lucy and works at a hotel.  She believes this is her babes and he is so sweet.  He cheats on you with many different woman and does not use protection and then sleeps with you!!  He lies and tells woman that he has no woman so he can get with them and that he can use them.  He is no good.

Women, I want you to beware of this man he can talk a good game an make it sound like he is telling you the truth.  He is a user.  He works but still tries to see what money he can get from women.

Leroy Cave is one of the biggest liars in Barbados.  He tries to make friends with all his clients so he can get there numbers.  Woman be careful of this man he does not look this way but Naked, it is a trick he knows who to approach an when he does it be careful and very mindful of him.  People may say he is a good man that because he has never been expose for the liar he is until now Naked.

So woman watch yourself when you go into the salon with your children to  get they hair cut.  Right now he is on a staycation in St Lawenance Gap and telling the other women that his phone is not working so he can’t be reached and have other people covering for him.  He knows exactly how to trick fool  the women  into believing what he want.

He has girl children Naked and he would not want any man to treat them so when they become older but Naked what is done in the dark must come to light and his light time is now catching up with him but I want him to know what goes around comes right back around to you.  So woman please be careful and stay as far away from his as possible.  What looks good on the outside is not always good on the inside.  He his very cleaver.

Leroy Cave is no good!!!

Women, he tells you stories about his ex woman to make you feel that they are bad and treat him badly but he is the one that treats them in a bad way.  Leroy Cave you are expose for the liar and cheater that you really are.  Women beware you are warned.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Leroy Cave of Shae Belle Salon in Tudor Street”

  1. mudderrrrrrrr!!!
    i know him fa years i aint know he so nasty an dirty and his girlfriend still with him she better get she self tested and get way as far as possible before she get that big virus if she still with you after that you and her must be doing the same things to each other or she just blinded by what she seeing men like that women you need to leave them alone those are men to stay away from they have the looks but a nasty dirty mind he is old enough to know better what a piece of work just nasty. girlfriend what did he give you to have you so blind you can not see what he is doing to you


  2. Murdaaaaaaaaaa wha I know he for yrs now lol didn’t know he was so wutless.. I would like to see the type of women he trick tho Ohhh plzzzzzzz


  3. Anonymous das wuh I talking bout tired coming here preaching it dem too fast they’re not thinking dem like swagger lil sweet talk and boom p— lick up then they surprised when d top ups and fone calls stop..now listen I know a man that wine and dine a woman for almost 18 months the woman made him wait until she was sure that’s the one the man of her dreams think she even got a lil car in the process and as soon as the man get the p–y few times just like magic he disappeared he was also married wife was overseas studying can’t blame the woman for that but it shows the length a man would go to to get in your pa–ies. Bajan men ain’t easy!!!


  4. Wanah young girl to quick to open wanah legs look how you could of get AIDS ,I am sick of reading every day wanah women coming on NAKED to boll out a man .
    STOP opening wanah legs get to know de men ,men are hunters women are prey .men don’t love easy it’s take mouths for man to love and woman can love at the drop of a hat ..woman wants to be love wanted and man just want to have your cherry and he would say and do anything to get that cherry,when he get it see the change ,from the time he ejaculate he loses interest in you until the next session .if you wants to know the hunter make him wait for that cherry if he love ya he will wait .
    how long? As long as possible nine months to a year get to know him spend lots of time together play games go out all this time ya getting to know who he is were he come from the environment do this ,any time a proper woman have sex with a man that is the man she intends to spend her life with and have his kids ,so it’s not asking to much.keep the cherry for the waiting hunter.


  5. Lolololol Mr Cave finally made it on naked lololol he’s a piece of work this writer has been burned by the caveman just chalk it down to one other of your sex partners love you’ll get over it very smooth is the caveman dark handsome and smooth this man just loves his pussy lol when I hear Tino Best said he fucked about five or six hundred women he could really go and sit down he now got to get pussy to catch the caveman 100 % on point writer I’d really like to meet you fuh real


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