Sheldene Mottley from Bridgefield

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Evening Naked.  You featured that old subbascat already on here and the body that write like dem ain’t tell a lie on that wotless Sheldene Mottley from Bridgefield.  Naked, she does talk such bad things bout this site but everyday we hear she does always read the site.

She is a real gossiper.  We the staff of the hotel would like to let Sheldene the Human Resources Damager because she can’t be a manager know that the staff real fed up with she.  Naked, all she does do is want to send home people, suspend people and carry on de staff real bad.  Naked she ain’t nain like Ms. Frates.  Naked, we hear she treat de staff from one de otha outlet in Black Rock that shut down real cruel and dem only get dem money after bout 9 weeks.  She all over the hotel teĺling ppl that she ain’t care nain bout them and how she ain’t stressing out she self.  De boss man of the hotel resign an not even he can’t tek she and he did de boss.

Imagine de hotel had a good morale till she came there.  Naked, she ain’t even there for a good year and a half properly yet and everybody hate she.  She like she ain’t know how to work with and help people.  We would like to know why she would give up a job at Elegant Hotels to come and work for a small no name hotel.


Miss Mottley, you feel you is a law on to your own self. The staff don’t like you.  Naked, the girl that does work wid she in de HR office can’t even stand it.  She tell we in de restaurant and housekeeping that she does put bare work on she.  How she always doing she store in town business all day long but Ms Frates ain’t gine check for that.

Naked, she would sell she murrr if she keep quiet for too long, always want a sponsor or selling panties, baby items, lipstick, men shirts all pun de job.  Oh Naked, she always looking real pop down and does wear de same thing twice and three times a week.  Don’t talk bout she head, always rusty and smell bad. She foot like it to big for she shoes, always bare foot about the place.

Naked, she starting to act like Queen Bee and telling de staff de buck gine stop at she just now cause she gine be fully in charge of HR and she gine send home even more people, left, rite and centre.  Naked, we don’t like she an we don’t want she, she too common and like to feel she above every body else.

We want the boss to set up a meeting and talk to we one on one so we can really share how we feel and talk about her.  The boss don’t see or hear she, we want Ms Frates to do something about her or more story will come until we pull down the hotel fully.

Naked, she ugly and unmannerly, she shunt be all two. Tell she chose one and while she at it look fuh ah job cause de staff ain’t respect um.  Naked she send home over 15 people to hire all she friends and pull down the atmosphere de hotel had.

Naked, look at she, **** and unmannerly.  The hotel would be better without she.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Sheldene Mottley from Bridgefield”

  1. Wait wanna put up the truth about our HR manager and made her move out her office one of our house keeping staff went to clean her office and she move out 1 or 2 get fired. Ms .Frates i hope you did not send her to that new property in because before it get off the ground she will do the same thing she did to us here at Mango bay .


  2. This woman is a home recker she had my child father and this same man that married she the same time .She was building a house and my child father paint the house and the man that married he do the election work on it. None of the two of them did not child father would got the car one day driving bout and the election would got it another dont mind she coming work getting on pretty NO good . She use to let my child father mother keep one of her childern and go out with that same man . Play she coming up in orange hill like she is a boss. Pretty car but the driver big ugly and unmannerly .


  3. This woman is a home recker she had my child father three years ago she had my child father and her husband together .let me tell wanna bout she man she was building a lil house in bridgefeild begging everybody for help she beg tom dick and harry at the end my old foolish child father went and paint the house not knowing that the election was she man to so she had the painter and the election . My child father driving bout the car today and the election driving the next day she int easy next couple months the election married she dont think she int gine horn you again Mr. Husband .And if what the other comments saying is true that you leave couple months ago you should have never come back you musse like bad treatment .look she use to make my child father mother keep her child to go out with that same man that marry her . If you dont believe what i am saying ppl we from orange hill . Lol . —- like she.


  4. Everything said about this woman is true . And she did not leave elegant she got fired fron elegant ad Almond she is to unmannerly . Not only with the staff but with her husband as well. Wanna ever hear bout how she does carry him in . Bad bad . She tell he leave he4 house few weeks ago but he come back girl treat yah husband good before he leave for good. About hiring her friend this is true Sonia Knight is her needle worker and she hire her cause SHELDENE do not like to pay so she got Sonia there so when she dont pay her she could always say she get a job for her fool. Sonia i hope you get pay for them school clothes you make there for september.Shelden have no manner at all so we that write ths know exctly we talking about.


  5. Everything here said about sheldene is true she dont only treat her staff bad she treats her husband bad look she put out her husband few weeks ago holla out hard here in bridgefeild and tell him to leave her house.Sheldene is a user and all for herself if you cant give her nothing you could bet she int dealing with you. Ms.Frates check who she is hiring .Sonia Knight for sure is on of hee friend a Sonia is also her needleworker so when she dont pay Sonia she does say she got to wait cause she get she a job. Sonia did you get paid for the school clothes that you make for the boys yet ? She Sheldene was unmannerly from Almond days . She had one of the chef there her second child is for him.
    Dont remember his name right now but he is from St.Lucy. But you all should join the union and get her out because it will get worst. Ms. Frates think she is nice because she can pretend well.I remember when she first come to the hotel she use to go running with Ms.Frates and stuff cause she was big and fat she had just had a baby.Becareful she dont deal with none of the men Ms.Frates. And selling stuff on hotel property is true it is always for school graduation or church . Smh . You need to stop it Shelden .And now your husband come back treat him better cause when he leave again he wouldnt be coming back not even the church could help next time.





  7. Lol look how you gonna get someone else fired…you blasting the woman and put she assistant in the mix! Guess you don’t like she either cause that woman gonna f— she up too once she read this story.


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