Simonne Coppin

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Simonne Coppin is nothing but trouble.  Naked, this woman loves people men especially cricketers and drama.  The latest one actually works with her in the same branch at Republic Bank who apparently allows interoffice relationships.

Naked, she loves abortions only last year around this same time she got rid of one she had for a famous cricketer, he was f******* her on the side and it so happened that she and the wife was pregnant the same time.
The one she works with who is in the pictures (Kevin A.K.A Lavere Thompson’s pet) she snaps him all the time and I heard the manager Lavere Thompson is looking the other way when it comes to their relationship in the workplace.
She stalks these men and when they wanna leave she either claims she is pregnant or start some social media drama.   Anonymous
Naked Departure

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