VIDEO: BARBADOS, the First Slave EXPERIMENT and THE Barbados Slave Code

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE BARBADOS SLAVE CODE, NATIONAL ARCHIVES — TRANSFORMING YOU FROM HUMAN BEINGS INTO THINGS —  BARBADIANS, do you know this?  Were you taught that your ancestors were the first EXPERIMENT in slavery?  This documentary shows that Barbados was  not only ‘occupied’ by slaves, it was BUILT for and SUSTAINED by slaves with NO ALTERNATIVES — no way out — you were property/things….  The slaves in Barbados were not regarded as human.  Suppression was VIOLENT and BRUTAL!!  Barbados was an EXPERIMENT, an incubator…..  You could be killed on a whim!

Circa 2016, and the current economy reflects the state of mind of slaves, i.e., the service industry!  Keep on watching past the guy who introduced the discussion…. keep watching…


Fucking your mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, children… was normal.  No wonder Bajans always tell you to ‘go suck yah mudda c**t’.  It’s part and parcel of your nature.

CAUTION, the videos may be disturbing for those who are awake.  Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “VIDEO: BARBADOS, the First Slave EXPERIMENT and THE Barbados Slave Code”

  1. Let the light shine… Let the information come forth… It hurts but the truth shall always be naked.. Amen.. 👌


  2. I was not thought this in school I was thought of Frances drake John howkens .were can someone tell me were can I go to read this book
    Or books .i heard Devil Iniss say we should let all investors come in and cut the red tape .we are give Barbados to slave owner.i our politicians don’t have no sense. It’s really hurt to hear these things sometimes I would prefer not to know .


    1. That’s what everyone has been saying since what?

      That so what is why we’re in the state of crisis that the world over finds itself in today. Everything is so what, who cares, what’s the big deal…And so masses of people die every single day because of people who think so what….

      But I don’t expect you to understand because it means nothing to you….until it is on your door step. Then your ‘so what?’ will be changed to ‘how did this happen?’ and with your frame of mind you will be unable to understand the link between ‘so what?’ and ‘how did we get here?’…

      Knowledge is power.

      Carry on…..


  3. Seeing how the popes (elders) seem not to be able to relate and be truthful with their younger wards, this is not surprising to me ……..


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