The Garden of Heathen

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) – Naked, after reading more about THE BARBADOS SLAVE CODE and seeing Barbados as the Lab, the Experiment, the Slave Society, one wonders who it was that penned that Barbados was the “Gem” of the Caribbean?  Why so hateful as to hide a history meant to be told?  Why so hateful as to provide a false sense of something that was nothing but horrific?   Naked, how could the greatest tragedy in life not be etched on every memory?

They say that knowing the truth shall set you free.  They say that INFORMATION and knowledge dispel myths and make for an educated and informed listener/student.  They say that if you don’t know your history/past you are sure to repeat it.  If what ‘they say’ is true, why be so hateful as to say that Barbados was “the Gem” of the Caribbean?

Why not teach that Barbados was a LAB, the GARDEN OF HEATHEN, the GREATEST EXPERIMENT known on the face of this earth for turning HUMAN BEINGS into groveling, diminutive SLAVES?  Slaves who could be killed for any reason and at any time by their white enslavers?  Was the Barbados “the Gem” title a work of the white man?  The same white man who handed the bible to African animals, now domesticated and known as Bajans, to keep them from doing what would have been a NATURAL response to an Experiment which turned out to be worse than genocide?

What do you say to a people who’d rather respond, with great excitement and amusement, to a man beating a woman, than to look at and think about the thoughts behind their abject response to such a tragic history and what they’ve become?  Are not women the givers of life?  Do not all born come from a woman?

What do you say to people who work tirelessly to destroy ‘the wombman’?  What do you say to a people who have never had heroes, have never fought for freedom, have never protected their women or their children…?   Make-belief heroes not accepted!!

THE BARBADOS SLAVE CODE which talks and deals, primarily, with turning human beings into animals, an EXPERIMENT perfected in BARBADOS, is lost to the attention of the Barbadian people.  They’d rather believe a lie.  They’d rather believe that Barbados is a Gem.  They’d rather believe that although they were born in and still live in a lab, that they are normal.

For those who’ve heard this all before, they’d rather not rehash it.  For the ones who are hearing now with new ears, they’d rather not hear it.  No matter how you look on this history of Barbados, it is not good!

And after all they’ve done, they still stuck around to carry on, to milk, to control, to subdue, to intimidate the 95%.

I guess having a cell phone, a television, a microwave, Remy, Ambi and riding in a vehicle changed everything – made everything better — made everything okay!   A Barbadian Girl (17 years old) Who Just Does Not Understand (as edited by Naked Departure)

Naked Departure

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  1. Knowledge is power so you’re so now armed with all this knowledge are you going to start a revolution? Are you going going to finally say to yourself it’s time black people start to uplift one another are we going to wrestle the wealth the the white people or are we going to be contented to stay in this mental slavery forever? I feel sometimes it’s better not knowing just imagine a shift in economic fortunes and black people find themselves controlling the wealth in Barbados can you imagine them empowering their brothers and sisters? You only have to take a look at some of them who have managed to climb the economic ladder and see that not even their children aren’t allowed to go to some of the same schools that they themselves benefited from they must congregate with white or bougie children…my point is I don’t care how much experiments they performed all of us have a mind of our own we have the ability to decipher right from wrong good over evil gay or straight etc no code or experiment will define who I am I’m not responsible from where I came from or who but I’m responsible for where I am going unless a chip was implemented in my head at birth I’m responsible for me nobody can’t come here and tell me no shite about no code and I buy into that crap when I have a mind of my own some of you are so gullible you’d believe anything if tomorrow someone said we originally from the green monkey some of you would believe it as well. …You have a brain use it no one determine your destiny but you YOU ARE LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION


  2. The white man has attempted to hide all his crimes but he is being exposed for all that he truly is. The DEVIL, THE WICKED race of ESAU.

    2Th:2:8: And then shall THAT WICKED be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

    The WICKED is the white man. and GOD hates his guts. There is hope people; it will not go on for ever that is why the truth is being exposed at this time. We must away dry bones.

    Can these dry bones live?
    Your wicked ass pastor will never be able to show you these scriptures because he is a took and a gate keeper of the WHITE MAN.

    Psalms:58:3: The WICKED are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, SPEAKING LIES.


  3. some good stuff here of which i am sure scared the living daylights out of most bajans. they took a look and went back to making babies they cant support


  4. I have lived all my life surrounded by Barbadians and none have ever spoken a word about this history. Do they know, i doubt it. Did i know, well, it was grossly glossed over. It may be stated but then it brings you quickly back to the ‘gem’ we are like the young girl must have bought into. Reading the slave code all over again and watching the movie make me look for more. Naked Departure, aside from the hornings other blogs, you are THE GEM of Barbados. You are doing that the university there has not done. Not ever has this been brought home to me like this. never before was it in my face like this. I now understand how we forget bad things. How our ancestors might have avoided the memory. But to move forward, we must know the truth. Naked, I just don’t know how to thank you. Thank you Naked Departure for not letting one blog on this be enough. Thank you Naked Departure for giving everyone a voice, even the homosexuals and the poor.

    This Eden. The lab and the experiment. The hatred of black people and the Europeans’ role in all this………….man oh man. man oh man. what a thing to have as part of your history. good lord. jesus have mercy on this world. Naked Departure thank you. You got this grown man all emotional. But the truth needs to be repeated and repeated and repeated again and again and again. Jesus! how did the world allow this to go unnoticed. Lord have mercy on this earth.


  5. Darling, they say the hardest thing is to know, you know at the tender age of 17, that means time is changing many black bajans and blacks around the world, went to their graves up to the ages of 100 years and more and never knew. Mahy more will go to their graves in the next 50 years and never know, some will not want to know, some will not be exposed to the information.

    Share the information with your friends and everyone you know, the more information that gets out, the better the outlook, the quicker the changes. If you ever have child5re, grandchildren, neices and nephews, share the information with them.


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