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Dianne Ifill of G4S

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — DIANNE IFILL — Hi Naked.  Don’t print my name.  Now this story is about a co-worker name Dianne Ifill.  Naked, this woman always got something  to call up some of her worker friends and say things about me.  Saying about I always talking to she child father Haynes, driver of A45 and how she will write a report about me.  But Naked, she don’t know that some of we workers more  tired of she.

She likes to beg for clothes and does come work looking like a clown in she makeup, no teeth like her.  Naked, this girl does get sick leave almost every  month to go bout on transport buses driving about with, I will not call his name because he can get in trouble, but he got my girlfriend and she give me the story about her.  That woman should worry about Haynes because he got catch with a child.

Dianne, I want you to write reports because I got files on you.  I don’t  want your man nor he don’t want you. He lives with his woman and I understand when he comes by you the people does laugh.  Girl, I waiting  for you to write the report on me with your no teeth self!  You worked up Collymore Rock in that insurance building and we hear you use to beg the staff for them ends of clothes.  The staff was fed up with you.  You gone at cxc, you beg there also.  You even beg for things to sit down on because of your so call back.

Before you write the report on me take care office not getting reports on you on all  that sick leave every month you sick to go on transport board buses to drive about.  I do little  research on you from your neighborhood and I hear that you eh nothing nice there and the people does laugh at Haynes  when he come out there.  I will give you something to phone the coworkers and talk just wait I sure bet and make you resigned from work because the only person that making you feel you is something is A45.

But babes, I don’t want him he is not my cup of tea.  Look out for part two with her pics when I get your files good from your neighbors.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Dianne Ifill of G4S”

  1. Who ever the body that got Dianne on this website can kiss her royal ass she font have to take sick leave to drive bout with no transport board man if ur friend was proper she should comfort the woman face to face ad for a45 he will always be her child father
    So all g4,s worker f— off
    As for part 2 she f—- with anybody man bills to pay child to send school
    Kiss Dianne ifill royal ass hold to wait for part 2 I sending wanna it ad for begging for clothes she like in Nelson street wear all the money is and she can buy check wanna back ground before talking about the girl
    I got files on u too so the game just go on
    If h4s did checking out for the workers went get hurt on the job no body will got talk for she have a blessed and safe night a– holed


  2. Girl’s! You’re fighting the wrong Enemy , the real enemy is the Criminal’s that running the Government , and the 90%%%%%% of bisexuals , that destroying straight men, and Women Lives .


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