Imar Haynes of St. John

Omar Haynes from St. John

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — Naked, Omar Haynes is  well known for having the hardest weed in St John.  He feels he is a big shot and just lately his child mother was on Naked Departure.  Her family and her are very well respected, but Omar does see and believe everything he reads and hears.

He bout de place talking about his child mother to his family and friends.  His cousin Mini that got that frog from small town and the rasta one that always know bout people and not himself should be the last ones to talk about people.

Naked, I know them good.  I does be around them a lot to see them drag Omar child mother’s name in the mud and it gets me so vex.  Omar should be the last to talk! When that girl was pregnant he was bout de the place messing with that red skin thing from CH CH and de girls from up de hill.  He do so much dirt to that girl and the same girl from Christ Church had a man that was a big bulla in jail.

Imar Haynes of St. John
Omar Haynes of St. John

Omar don’t have anything and if he’s a so-called ‘big man’, don’t come in from de states and don’t got shit!  I does see his child mother with that baby 24/7, she never got time to leave home cause she does always got that baby boy.  She loves that child unconditionally.  All Omar does do is drop by look fa de child and roll out.  How I know, cause I drop he by she more than once.

She more than healthy.  She gotta watch she self with he cause he still messing around them girls and one of them nasty nasty!

Child mother girl, this is for you.  Don’t let Omar tell you no shit cause he does be doing de most dirt at night and going by de girl to sleep when he tell u he int want to sleep home cause it hot.  Be careful with he and for his musty-looking cousin.  Them can’t got nothing to say bout u cause them next if I hear anything come out them mouth.

All the drugs them got in St John!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Omar Haynes from St. John”

  1. Yu yuh stink mouth c*— yuh feel bad he ain’t f**–ng or wha telling lies I kno who tf yuh is but I gine tell yuh wha ya ta mind


  2. @ Willy

    Don’t get me wrong you are on point. Let the police know where they have the weed planted in St john and about any guns you have alleged below.


  3. My dear who ever u r I know OMAR HAYNES FROM WELCH VILLAGE ST.JOHN HE AIN’T NO F##n good never ever had,a job.n his life so do start me all cross they got marijuana trees like rh.I does liming n welch too so suck out my puss.u know wa wrong wid all ya wanna d police will be on d look at fa wanna RH and d squad to so u aint got no sense.u all should talk bout how D FORSTER FELLOW GAVE U CAMOUFLAGE CLOTHES TO WEAR AND GUNS THATS HE GOT KICK THE BDF TALK BOUT THAT NOW.THATS Y I WILLY GET D RAID AND BLAME IT ON D BULLA LOL HA HA.


  4. @Willy

    You are not telling the truth. Imar does like work he is a successful farmer and grows lots of weed in St John for resale. He also helps the big man Jim from the States import weed first through barrels in the port and when that stopped through oversees courier services like FedEx and Dhl.


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